Ralts Community Day

The Ralts Community Day was a few days ago and it was a genuinely very nice one. It was my brother’s birthday, we’d done a couple of raids in the morning and the afternoon was slightly cooler than Mudkip Day, which was in the middle of a massive heatwave. But Ralts Community Day was a tad different, for a handful of reasons.

The first is that every single egg obtained during the event was a 10km egg, which would be 2.5km with the 1/4 hatch times on eggs. All of these eggs though would hatch into a Ralts. Which is both a good thing because you’d get a chance to get some guaranteed good IV/CP Raltses, but also unfortunate because I’d not gotten any 10km eggs in ages and the last two I had hatched contained Ralts. I kinda wasted too many incubators on those 10km eggs. There also seemed to be Ralts 1-star raids replacing normal 1-star raids, which meant that were ways to get half-decent Ralts.

That’s a good thing, because, unless you had cloudy weather, most Ralts that spawned were very low CP and often had terrible IVs, two somewhat bad qualities when you’re on a time limit, trying to gather as much candy as possible so you can evolve a rather rare Pokemon. I actually held on to a 100% Kirlia I got a month ago for two reasons – because I’d assumed there would be a Ralts Community Day and because I didn’t quite have enough candy.

The actual Ralts spawns though were fucking awful. Because half the spawns instead gave us Poochyenas and the occasional Bulbasaur. That was alright for one guy who got a shiny Bulbasaur but the rest of us wanted Ralts and needed the candy. I mean, sure, we had the chance to get good ones but most of your candy comes from the wild spawns. And of course, the Poochyenas didn’t have the boosted rates that the Raltes all had.

Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir
Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir

Still, despite the fact that shadow dogs were getting in the way of flowery plant psychic things, the event itself was really nice. We just bimbled around, casually collecting Pokemon. And what’s also nice is that we saw some fresh, new faces. Literally. We saw kids who were also playing Pokemon Go and we’d check in with them occasionally. We also did a couple of raids with them, which they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Shadow/Evil/Team Rocket Pokestops (the name changes depending on who you talk to) spawned somewhat regularly as well, and everyone managed to get a cool Shadow Dratini. Heck, we even ran into a brand new player who didn’t even know what a shiny was but had managed to catch a couple of shiny Ralts.

When it comes to the community day move though, I have no idea. It’s a psychic type move which is okay on Gardevoir but Galade is more about the fighting. Frankly I have no idea if it’s good or not, especially when we already have a lot of pretty good psychic types already. But also you’ll probably want to use Gardevoir for fairy-type damage (e.g. against Rayquaza) anyway.

While the game stuff was a little bit mediocre, a bit buggy and not properly announced, Ralts Community Day did actually feel like a community day.


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