Icky Infested Invasions and Other Nightwave Messes

So part 4 of the Emissary, Nightwave’s current episode, just came out and it’s… kinda gross. Of course, there’s been this cult running around, worshiping a kid called Arlo who supposedly has healing hands, and he’s been healing a bunch of people and ended up becoming the head of an infested cult. Of course, because of said cult, there are nasty zealots running around who seem to think that if you don’t join, you should die, and they’re not very nice, especially since they use a lot if infested stuff. And of course, the Infestation is, uh, highly infectious. So something bad was probably going to happen.

In this case, it’s a very nasty example of aliens exploding out of various cavities. Everyone had gathered up to hear Arlo speak, because he’s basically considered to be some sort of deity or something. Cultists and vicious zealots alike. But Arlo… well, he doesn’t end up speaking. Kenga, Arlo’s ‘voice’ and the guy behind most of the cult, is laughing, saying he’s still infected by the infestation. And then a massive infested tentacle explodes out of Arlo’s mouth and that’s the end of that.

Poor Arlo. Just wanted to be a kid.
Poor Arlo. Just wanted to be a kid. Will probably end up as a suffering mass of infested tissue.

Seems like Arlo hasn’t really been healing people. He’s just been spreading some new form of Infestation that just, well, isn’t as obvious as first. The zealots though seem to love it, I guess?

Either way, as Nora Night says, we’ve got our work cut out for us. There’s now infestation invasions all over the damn place with infested derelicts nearby, run by the zealots and the twitching and writhing body of Arlo’s cult. Now us Tenno have to clean up the mess, by doing Infested invasions and getting keys to access these derelicts, so we can murder all the zealots and infested enemies there and try and contain the situation. After all, our Warframes are one of the few things the Infested doesn’t like, and there’s a chance to find a new sigil among the two new Infested enemies present in these derelicts. Oh and you get 1500 Nightwave standing for destroying these derelicts, so it’s not too bad.

Still, this IS infested we are dealing with, so it doesn’t surprise me that much that we got a new outbreak.

There are a few odd things though. The first one being that the cinematic doesn’t seem as packed out as Nora makes it. Apparently there’s barely room to stand but the little cinematic looks pretty empty. The second odd thing is that… well… Nora acts as if she was present when this happened.

In her own words, Nora had to look away from what she saw. Because a massive infested tentacle erupting from a child’s mouth is definitely horrible. But there are a lot of questions, like whether Nora physically present there, was she there filming it, was she watching it on video, did she experience it firsthand in some way? Was Nora even a part of this infested cult? I doubt she was an actual part of it (after all, that goes against her mother’s teachings), but I can definitely see Nora recording what happened and being sickened by it.

We still have one more cinematic to go, but honestly I can’t really see this going in many directions. Either we destroy the rest of the cult, leaving a few stragglers, or the cult spreads and infests an entire planet or settles down on Eris or something. Hopefully though, Arlo is nice and dead and we won’t have to fight him or anything, like some sort of oversized, hideous, infested boss.

Although I wouldn’t put it past those nasty zealots to do something like that…


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