My Other Favourite Warframes

Anyone who reads the Daily SPUF on a regular basis probably knows that my favourite Warframe by a mile is Volt, distantly followed by Khora and trailed by Ivara. But surely I don’t play those three Warframes all the time, right? No, of course not, I pick Warframes according to what mission I am about to do. But I do have some favourites.

What counts as a favourite is quite easy to tell if you simply look in my Warframe arsenal. It’s all the Warframes with Forma in them, right? Well, kinda, yes, mostly. I’ll be honest, I only stuck a forma in Ember because I wanted to see how the double energy coloured worked on the fire effects that Ember has. But the other Warframes I have forma in, I like them all. They’re my backup squad. Or I have a specific use for them.

"Wait, Medic, did you just kinda copy the colour scheme from that Volt picture and stick it on Nezha?"
“Wait, Medic, did you just kinda copy the colour scheme from that Volt picture and stick it on Nezha?”

The backup squad mostly consists of tanky, useful generalists. Well, mainly Nezha and Oberon Prime. Because they’re simple, tanky frames I can take into literally any mission. No matter what, there’s always a reason to have both Nezha and Oberon around. Warding Halo, specifically with the halo-sharing augment, means that Nezha can protect the whole team. Oberon is much more a fire-and-forget healer, you just need to make sure everyone’s nearby when you activate Renewal. Hallowed Ground is also a very useful ability when it comes to status effects (like the dreaded magnetic, slash and toxic status effects) and with the right build, Oberon’s radiation damage can destroy various enemies, including seemingly difficult enemies like Kela De Thayme.

Pictured: Not the new Nekros Deluxe Skin.
Pictured: Not the new Nekros Deluxe Skin.

Nekros Prime is slightly less tanky than Nezha and Oberon but frankly I think he’s one of the more useful and more accessible frames – not just because he got given away en masse for Tennocon 2019. Sure, the farm to actually kill Lephantis is a little bit tricky, but Nekros’s ability to create extra loot is one of the most important abilities in Warframe. But also Nekros is pretty fun to play as, especially if you liberally use Shield of Shadows (which makes your shadows take damage instead of you) and spam Terrify, which makes enemies run away. Nekros Prime ended up with a forma in his Aura Slot because, weirdly, he doesn’t get a polarity in that slot by default.

Ash with the Smoking Body Ephemera
Ash with the Smoking Body Ephemera

The last frame to get Forma’d and join the ranks of “Other Favourite Warframes” is, weirdly, Ash. I originally started playing Ash as an easy way to do the Index but it turns out that Ash is just all round fun to play. He’s definitely one of the more ninja-y Warframes, running around with shurikens and smoke bombs and things like that.

Those are just the Warframes that happened to get Forma’d though. There are other Warframes I like that don’t have Forma in them. Namely Valkyr and Excalibur Umbra. Why no Forma though? Because they don’t really need Forma. Excalibur Umbra in particular, because he already has two Umbral Forma slots installed.

But really, I like most Warframes. Even if they aren’t forma’d. While my favourite frames are all Warframes with more generalist uses, I think most Warframes do have a niche somewhere.

Apart from Vauban. Poor, poor Vauban…


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