Oh, Hey, Shiny Mewtwo Is Here in Pokemon Go…

What was that? Is that the sound of Mewtwo coming around to kick my Pokemon’s asses as he reappears in level 5 raids for a week? Why yes, yes it is! As of Monday (well, Tuesday for people not in the Americas), Mewtwo is replacing Deoxys as the level 5 raid boss and, for the first time ever, he’s appearing in shiny form. Which means everyone wants him.

Yeah, that sounds just about right, especially since I ranted about how Mewtwo isn’t that amazing when it comes to Pokemon Go. At least, he’s not as amazing as everyone assumes. And frankly, I think my complaints are still valid. The main use of a Mewtwo is in PvP since he has such high attack stats that he doesn’t care much about Same Type Attack Bonuses (STAB), and Mewtwo is only super useful (or should I say ‘super effective’?) if you’re fighting Fighting type Pokemon, which aren’t that common in raid scenarios unless you are collecting Machamps or waiting for the Swords of Justice legendaries to come out.

Still, it’s been a damn long time since Mewtwo was here, which means people who missed him last time can finally catch one, assuming Mewtwo doesn’t jump everywhere and bitch-slap your Pokeballs away like the uptight asshole he is. It also means people like me who don’t have a single good Mewtwo can pick up a couple that are over 90% with miserable Attack IVs, because that’s what Mewtwo is good at.

Even if you already have a ton of Mewtwos though, you’ll want a couple of these current Mewtwos anyway because he has a new move – Psystrike – a psychic attack with two charge bars, Mewtwo’s signature move. Honestly though I don’t know how good this move is. I’ve seen conflicting reports. Either Psystrike is awful, it’s about the same as Mewtwo’s other moves or it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but since it’s a limited time move and Mewtwo has a habit of disappearing for months and months at a time, it’s worth picking up a Mewtwo with Psystrike. Even if it is bad, it might get better.

But even then, people will still want to do Mewtwo raids in the hopes of getting a shiny Mewtwo, a legendary Pokemon that everyone loves and has only just now gotten a shiny form. Like a lot of people I have saved up my raid passes and I do hope I get one shiny Mewtwo.

Thankfully, this time, I think Mewtwo is slightly weaker, because I’ve managed to just beat Mewtwo (who has over 66000CP!) with just five accounts and 30 seconds left, two of which hadn’t actually picked out any Pokemon (don’t look at me, you were the one who spent 90 seconds not picking your party). I suppose this time I have a bunch of Tyranitars to use, and I also have a bunch of Giratinas, which no one had before and are a little bit tankier than Gengar.

So fingers crossed we all get lots of shinies. Or at least one shiny Mewtwo.

Frankly though, I’m not that fussed. I’m more interested in hunting for the new Generation 5 Pokemon that shiny Mewtwo has completely and utterly overshadowed. We’ve got three new starters and a bunch of new Pokemon like Lillipup, Pidove and the three monkeys that no one really likes. Then again, as much as I want a Snivy, these Pokemon will be around for a while, while Mewtwo, Psystrike and Mewtwo’s shiny ass won’t be back for a long, long time…


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