Yet Another 5 Things I’d Like to See in Pokemon Go

There’s always lots of little things that could do with improvements in Pokemon Go and I’m always stumbling across more. So, keeping in the spirits of aabicus’s original article about items and my own desired quality of life features (some of which actually got added, like quicker appraisals, here are yet 5 more things I’d like to see in Pokemon Go.

Keeping the Shorter Raid Egg Timers

Because of current events involving tier 5 raids with multiple Legendary Pokemon, there has been a stark change in raid timers. Instead of waiting an hour to see what’s inside a raid, the eggs on top of gyms are only there for 15 minutes before bursting open and revealing what raid they have to offer. On top of this, I’ve also noticed raids being 1 hour 45 minutes long. Frankly, this is amazing, but I fear it won’t be sticking around. You see, no one wants to wait around for an hour to see an egg hatch into a raid they don’t want to do, and it’s part of the reason why I never managed to do an Articuno raid. But with 15 minute hatch timers and 1 hour 45 minute raid times, you have so much more leeway when it comes to getting a group together.

More Egg Stuff

Pokemon Eggs are a pain in the butt. They can’t be deleted or transferred and the pool of Pokemon you can get can range from amazing (Shinx, Gible, Riolu) to fucking Smoochum. Yes, I am a bit salty that I hatched a 7km egg, a 5km egg and an old 2km egg and they ALL contained Smoochum. Had I known that the 2km egg I put on to incubate was actually an old 7km egg from the last egg-hatching event, I might have instead incubated another 7km egg or something. The information regarding eggs is always sketchy since you have no real idea what’s in them and the pool of rewards can be so huge that all you hatch is disappointment.

But the pools also need refreshing. I mean, why the fuck is Alolan Diglett still in the 7km egg rewards? I’ve hatched 4 of those when I could have received literally anything else apart from a Smoochum and felt better about it. Hatched Pokemon don’t even count to tasks like “Catch 50 Steel or Psychic Type Pokemon” anyway.

Recurring Special Research Tasks

I like special research tasks, and they’re all mostly pretty damn good, apart from tasks like “Evolve a Magikarp”. But once you’ve done these tasks, they’re gone forever and you’re left with a permanently empty and unused tab, generally until new special research comes through 6 months later. So why not have recurring special research tasks with lesser and more randomized rewards to keep players going? After all, there is always a lull between events and special research tasks keep people playing. Especially if they have the “Spin pokestops for 7 days in a row” task.

Bronze Nanab Berries

Nanab Berries have two uses: you use them when you need to make Great/Excellent Throws in a row or you feed them to Pokemon in gyms because you have so many. Only the current recent research task of “Use 10 Nanab berries to help catch Pokemon” has made me want them because that task gives Scyther as a reward (Scyther somehow always avoiding my lists of favourite Pokemon because they’re all called Lewa in my head). But Nanab berries, unlike Pinap and Razberries, don’t have an upgraded variant. Silver Pinap berries and Golden Razberries both give the same effect as their non-metallic versions but also give better chances of catching a Pokemon. So why not have Bronze Nanabs that do the same? A berry that drugs a Pokemon and stops them from moving while also giving them slightly better catch chances? They don’t have to be as strong as other berries, but the option would be nice.

Published Chances of Rewards

This is a big one. 99% of all estimates on chances in Pokemon Go come from community work, from groups like the Silph Road. Through huge amounts of community effort, these groups pool large numbers of accounts and players together in order to give us estimates of what are in the eggs we hatch, what chances we have for Lucky Pokemon and what the odds are for catching a shiny legendary Pokemon. But this information should already be public in some sort of way, accessible to the player, so they know what they are getting into. Already, in places like China, the odds of loot boxes and loot-box like things (e.g. Pokemon eggs) have to be published and I’m hoping this idea catches on elsewhere.


Good Ol'Sparky, telling me how good or bad my Pokemon is.
Good Ol’Sparky, telling me how good or bad my Pokemon is.


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