The Pixelmon Master

On September 25th, at about 10pm, I achieved something on the Pixelmon server that I play on. An achievement popped up, exclaiming that I had filled 100% of the Pokedex.

Pokemon Master - Fill the Pokedex, with 809 Pokemon
Pokemon Master – Fill 100% of the Pokedex

For some reason, this had popped up at 807 owned Pokemon, because clearly Meltan and Melmetal aren’t really proper Pokemon with their own region yet. As far as the game was concerned though, I had managed to touch every single Pokemon and have every single Pokemon in my inventory or in my PC at least once. Somehow, despite having never touched a Yveltal or a Tornadus.

On this particular Pixelmon multiplayer server though, they have a separate system for tracking Pokemon caught. This server requires you to be Original Trainer on all 809 Pokemon. That task on a normal Pixelmon server is honestly nigh impossible, because there are a limited number of altars and special items in order to catch most legendary and mythical Pokemon. The server I play on fixes this by allowing players to buy and trade Pokemon with two different in-game currencies, purchase Pokemon with ‘vote credits’, gamble legendaries for a chance at getting other legendaries or getting Legendaries from ‘vote spawns’, ‘lotto crates’ and things like that.

Simply put, there are loads of server-based ways of getting more Pokemon and more Legendaries, outside of just catching them in the wild. More importantly, the game also gives you the chance to make yourself the Original Trainer of any Pokemon you own, using an INSANELY rare item called an Original Trainer Converter.

I only ever had 15 of these Original Trainer Converters. Every other Pokemon I either caught, obtained via lotto crates, traded or purchased. And that was a massive struggle, especially since I originally was the person to evolve a Pokemon and stick it in my PC, I had to spend a lot of time with a Ditto to get eggs to get the smaller versions back!

For ages though, I was stuck at 95%. All the Pokemon I needed were Legendary or Mythical ones, and rare ones at that. I had been particularly lucky in obtaining two Time Space Altars, and I also got lucky with Random Shiny Gifts.

In fact, those 15 Original Trainers weren’t quite enough. Because I screwed up and used one on a Pokemon I shouldn’t have. Luckily, the fact that this server has multiple sub-servers came to the rescue! All it meant was me going to two other sub-servers, filling 10% of the Pokedex on those sub-servers (which would reward me a single Original Trainer Converter), then transferring the two last Pokemon I needed to those servers, using the Original Trainer Converters and transferring them back again onto my main server.

Well, with the last one, I ended up giving the Pokemon, a Tornadus, back to its original owner, but that didn’t matter. I’d completed 100% of the Pokedex. I’d managed to have one of every single Pokemon with my name on it.

The server's stats for the number of Pokemon I have caught.
The server’s stats for the number of Pokemon I have caught.

I couldn’t have done all of this on my own. In fact, I had bought or traded a lot of Pokemon off other players. And I also got incredibly lucky a few times, like getting a shiny Palkia from a Random Shiny gift (which saved me from having to buy a third time space altar, which would have set me back about 800,000, which is a lot), getting an Arceus from a Pokemon Party Gift (which spawns 3-5 random Pokemon), or getting a great deal on a Meltan and miraculously having 400 iron ore that needed smelting (the ore was actually there to try and obtain a Meltan on my own but oh well).

I had a lot of bad luck too though, like the aforementioned wasting of an Original Trainer Converter, but I had awful luck with selling Pokemon (having to price them insanely cheaply in order to get them to sell) and the amount of Pokemon Parties I have opened is insane – sure, I got an Arceus, but Arceus is the only Legendary I’ve gotten from said parties. The same goes for Mysterious Generation X Balls, which put you in battle with random Pokemon from a specific generation. I only ever managed to get Latias and Celebi from those.

It’s worth pointing out that I’m a completely free player on this server, the majority of other players who have a 100% completed Pokedex are either VIPs or people who paid for VIP in the past. While VIP gifts were ‘nerfed’, VIP players still get far better gifts and rewards than normal players, and for a while they got a free Legendary each month, which is pretty insane.

But I also had a team of Pokemon who helped me earn money or catch Pokemon. Most notably of these were my Xerneas, Serperior and Houndoom, which I used for gym battles to earn money, and my Noivern, which had Super Fang and helped me catch Pokemon in the wild.

My current Pokemon party
My current Pokemon party, including the smallest Houndoom ever.

The funniest thing though is that I am still wearing the diamond pants with Protection III and Curse of Binding on them. I got those back in February. And they’re still attached to me.

So, the question is, what do I do now? I have no idea…


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