The Best Butts in Warframe

With the recent release of Wisp, the butt has suddenly become a very well-talked about topic in Warframe. There’s so much high quality booty in Warframe that you can’t deny not thinking about it. But the question is, who has the best butt of them all?

Really, that depends on your personal preferences. Some people like normal butts, some people like small butts, some people like really big, in your face butts. But luckily, Warframe has enough nice ass for everyone. Seriously, there really is a thing for everyone.

Wisp's Badonkadonk.
Wisp’s Badonkadonk.

If you want female butts, then the biggest and plumpest by far belongs to Wisp. It’s not even really a competition, especially since Wisp has specific animation sets that show off her assets even more. I mean, she floats and wobbles her hips to move. What makes Wisp even more… butt-y is that the only thing hiding that massive ass is the scarf attached to her helmet, and almost immediately we ended up with two Tennogen items – a skin and a helmet – that remove most of the scarf so more of Wisp’s butt can be seen.

We do have plenty of… slightly more subtle asses though. If you want a basic nice butt in a latex suit, then someone like Ember or Nova is probably better for you. Mesa and Mirage both have great butts too and their Primes are basically straight upgrades, especially with how Mesa Prime basically wears ass-less chaps. A particularly nice butt belongs to Khora, but Khora has her skirt dangling in the way. Trinity also surprisingly has a pretty good butt, but you’ll never see it past her weird back decorations.

But there’s plenty of competition from the male end of the spectrum as well. Unfortunately, most of the best male butts aren’t on default skins, but on deluxe skins. And they’re mostly made by the same person. I’m talking about the Nezha and Nidus deluxe skins, both of which have some pretty amazing asses. Like, genuinely spectacular asses. As a bonus, if you doubted whether Nezha was a guy before, the Empyrean skin definitely confirms his gender.

Nezha's butt is best butt.
Nezha’s butt is best butt.

Male Warframes though do somewhat suffer on the “good ass” scale, as many of them have weirdly flat asses compared to their female counterparts, despite being more muscular. I guess a lot of it has to do with sex appeal or something.

Some frames though, they are… ass-less. They have basically no butts at all.

I’m looking at you, Volt. Funnily enough Frost has the same issue as well, it looks like he’s just wearing a big, baggy pair of trousers, and whenever you manage to glitch Frost into not wearing his coat, you realise he LITERALLY has no butt – the area where his butt should be goes invisible. All that really means though is that Frost’s physical butt model is connected to his coat. Still, Frost does essentially lack a butt, but I can forgive that because the Frost Harka skin more than makes up for it.

Volt literally has no ass.
Volt literally has no ass.

Volt though, now that he has cloth physics… well, he’s even worse off. He literally has no butt. If you manage to clip Volt’s butt-cape in weird ways (e.g. via entering your Railjack), you’ll notice that Volt has no bottom and his (admittedly rather thick) thighs go straight into his waist and his butt is worse than flat. It’s actually kinda creepy. Almost as creepy as the weird “butt-in-butt” thing that the Volt Proto skin has, which makes him look like he’s puckered up or something.

And don’t you dare say that Volt makes up for it with the giant codpiece, because that’s exactly what it is – a codpiece. Codpieces have nothing to do with the genuine size of one’s schlong. And even then, Zephyr, a female frame, has everyone else beat.

Oh well. I guess we should just go back to looking at butts.


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    RIP Volt’s butt. Man, I need to get back into this game


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