On the UK and their Decisions

The UK election has been a bit of a strange one, what with the winner and current prime minister being a guy who hides in fridges and steals people’s phones rather than answering even remotely hard questions, but the election is over and the vote is in. After 10 years of Conservatives, the people of the United Kingdom want more of the same, and Boris Johnson will remain as prime minister. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats did rather badly in the election, losing a lot of seats and giving the Conservatives a majority.

Frankly, it looks like the US elections, with potentially the same amount of lies, broken promises, shit-flinging at the other side, fake news and a stupid-haired “rich” guy winning, despite the amount of stupid things they do and say.

Now, some people are upset about this. They don’t want even more time having conservatives rule everything, cutting at the edges of pretty much every social service, trying to push the UK away from the EU and towards the practices that work oh so well in the USA. They’re not happy with the results, they would like to lean a bit more towards the left. Or at the very least get people to understand that all the austerity people are going through are because of Conservative policies.

But at the end of the day, these people can’t really complain. You didn’t campaign hard enough. Actually, that’s unfair. You campaigned hard, you did your best but you couldn’t get your campaign promises nice and small, compressing complicated things into snappy little soundbites that overly simplify things and are understandable by the average person.

Or, alternatively, you didn’t lie enough and tried to answer all the difficult questions. And you let the claims of antisemitism get through to you, despite Boris Johnson being known for saying outlandishly racist things. Either way, Labour and the Lib Dems didn’t do enough.

You shouldn’t be sad though. Because the people spoke and they voted for more conservatism!

So good job, UK! Here’s to a bunch more years of Conservative power and everything that comes with it! Hopefully not things like a shrinking NHS, more tax loopholes for the rich and more austerity for the poor. And hopefully getting Brexit done of course. With no deal, because getting it done fast and no matter what is better than getting it done right to get the best deal possible. The people of the UK are sick of hearing about Brexit now and just want it over with. Doesn’t matter HOW Brexit is done, as long as it’s done. Even if it means people suffering. Even if it means risking one’s status as an expat living outside of the UK.

I mean, the Conservatives have been in power the entire time Brexit discussions have been going on and it’d dragged on this entire time, but clearly the Conservatives are the way to go when it comes to getting Brexit done quickly.

This is what the UK voted for. I very much hope that it goes well for you all. Considering the last few years, I have my doubts (and we all know about how history repeats or rhymes or whatever), but you never know…

Oh. Except for Scotland. Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit or the Conservatives. But they are getting dragged along for the ride anyway.


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