A Bunch of New Pokemon Have Arrived in Pokemon Go- Oh Look. Regionals.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little bit tired of regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go. They’re just so… unobtainable. There’s no reasonable way for the average person to ever actually do as the Pokemon games suggest and “CATCH ‘EM ALL!” because there’s no way most people to travel across the world in order to catch Pokemon that are all over the damn place. In the case of the recent batch of Unova Pokemon that have been released, there’s not too many, but anything over one regional is too many.

I mean, I can kinda understand regional Pokemon if it’s just a cosmetic thing. Basculin comes in red stripe and blue stripe flavours but it’s literally just a stripe. It sucks that I can’t get a pink Shellos but the blue one is still cute. But most regional Pokemon are specific Pokemon only ever available in these areas, aside from rare events where you just have to hope and pray you get a generation 1 regional from an egg or you have a hard-to-achieve research task of trading Pokemon caught over 10,000km apart.

The new Unova regionals aren’t that amazing, but it sucks missing out on them. On my side of the planet, I get Sawk, but any Sawk I get will never get to meet a Throh, the same way a Volbeat will never meet an Ilumise. The other regionals, aside from the aforementioned Basculin, are Maractus, which only spawns in central America despite the fact that Cacturne can spawn almost anywhere; and Sigilyph, which spawns ONLY in Egypt and Greece, as well as a handful of areas across the country borders. That’s rather strange since Sigilyph kinda references… well, not Greece or Egypt, but the curious Nazca Lines in the Nazca Desert of Peru. So it’s weird that Sigilyph doesn’t appear in Peru or South America in general.

Sawk and Throh running away from a swarm of Axews
Sawk and Throh running away from a swarm of Axews

I should also point out that Sigilyph doesn’t spawn in Cyprus or any of the other surrounding anciently historical areas. Then again, Sigilyphs’s spawning areas make no sense at all.

Actually, we kinda get shafted on the Regional Pokemon front in general in Cyprus. We don’t get Mr Mime in the wild or Mime Jr. in eggs despite being in Europe and the only Regional we get that isn’t one of the hemisphere-based ones (e.g. Volbeat and Illumise) is Tropius, which is available across the Med and in Africa too.

And we still have the problem with the regional Spirits of the Lake. Aside from raids, I’ve seen two wild Mesprits since the Spirits of the Lake came out and both were via screenshots of people who had found them in the wild in Cyprus. Two Mesprits. Just so you know, if you want to trade for these Legendary Pokemon, it costs 1 million stardust with a Good Friend, and 40,000 for a Best Friend.

So you can see why I don’t like regional Pokemon.

The other Unova Pokemon are cool though. Things like Venipede, Roggenrola, Trubbish and Tympole are spawning in the wild now, as are the insanely rare Axew, Archops and Tirtouga, with Timburr appearing in level 1 raids. But considering how rare Deino is (I still don’t have one since it was released and the only people I know who do have them either hatched them or spoofed to get them), it’ll probably be a while before we can catch and evolve these guys.


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