Level 40 Get!

I’ve done it! I’ve finally hit level 40 in Pokemon Go! Actually, by the time this article comes out, I’ll have been level 40 for a few days. But my days of leveling are over! It only took me four months, but I finally got the 5 million experience needed to hit the maximum level in Pokemon Go.

Phovos and her Axew, at level 40. Level 40! Finally!
Phovos and her Axew, at level 40. Level 40! Finally!

Was it worth it?


Well, the good news is that I have no use for Lucky Eggs any more. The bad news is that I received 4 Lucky Eggs for hitting level 40. I also received 4 Incubators, 40 Max Potions and Max Revives, 40 Razzberries and 40 Ultra Balls. Those are all very nice and useful items, especially since I leveled up in the middle of a raid event – the Gengar and Nidorino event.

The problem is that I had to delete most of the items I got. I have 750 capacity, the items I got took me to 915/750. I had to spend 200 coins (which I had hoped to spend on raid passes) and still had to delete most of the items I got. Luckily I mostly just ended up deleting Max Potions and razzberries since I already had a vast number of them. I also junked a load of normal Pokeballs. Still, this seems to happen with every single level up and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it apart from buying more backpack space.

Sure, I could have just left those items in my backpack, but I need to be able to spin Pokestops and gyms for research. Can’t do that if your item bag is full.

4 Incubators is nice though, especially since gift-opening has left me with too many shitty 7km eggs. And not the good new fossil ones either. The shitty event-based starter eggs.

That’s not the the best thing about level 40 though!

The really cool thing is that I can submit new Pokestops! Well, kinda. I can nominate places that I think would make good Pokestops. In fact, I attempted to make a submission on my way home from the Gengar and Nidorino event. My first attempt, the game froze then crashed. The second attempt worked without a hitch, and I nominated a plaque for a park near my home. Weirdly those are what seem to get approved the most.

I’m also planning a few trips to submit other Pokestops. There’s loads of monuments and statues and all sorts nearby which could totally be Pokestops! Where I live, there are so many points of interest, but we lack the players to submit and approve the stops. I do need to look deeper into the submission process though, and I am limited to 7 submissions every 2 weeks.

The grind though is awful.

The jump from level 39 to level 40 is absolutely dreadful. Level 39 requires 2.5 million experience and level 40 requires DOUBLE that. 5 million experience takes a long time.

And because of how huge the jump is, it makes me worried that levels 41 to 50 will be just as bad. 5 million experience is a LOT of experience, especially when you look at the average experience gains. For example, a great curveball throw on a Pokemon which catches on the first ball gives you 260xp. Hatching an egg gives you 500xp. A tier 5 Legendary raid gives you 10,000xp. Getting Best Friends with someone gives you 100,000xp. Sure, you can double all of these with a Lucky Egg, but a Lucky Egg only lasts 30 minutes.

(You also get asshole people not getting in touch before they open their Best-friend-giving gifts, meaning you can lose out on that extra experience multiple times like I did, but oh well.)

So all you can do is just try to maximize your gains – doing legendary raids whenever you can, spinning new Pokestops, getting Great or Excellent throws on everything. That’s what I did. The last 200,000xp, my throwing accuracy increased tenfold and I wanted that extra experience.

Oh well. Doesn’t matter. I’m level 40 now.


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