PSA: Always Stab Your Kuva Lich

There is literally no reason to ever attempt to stab a Kuva Lich now. With the Warframe Revision update, while we didn’t get anything particularly new or shiny, we did get a long list of changes. Funnily enough though, the Kuva Lich changes were mostly minimal. Most of the changes were simply bug fixes. But the major change was the most important.

Stabbing a Kuva Lich and not getting the correct combination now grants murmurs to your entire squad.

This is a massive change because it means everyone benefits from the appearance of any Lich, not just their own. And funnily enough, this is a change we’ve seen before. In one of the early Kuva Lich hotfixes, getting Murmurs from other people’s Liches was added, only for it to be removed in the very next hotfix.

Now though, we get murmurs for everyone’s unsuccessful Lich attempts, which will speed up the process greatly. Since you seem to get a Lich every mission or so and each failed assassionation gives you about 10 murmurs, that’s basically doubling what you’d get in a non-Lich mission.

But this means it’s up to you to always stab your Lich!

Seriously, there is no bad reason to NOT attack your Lich.

Firstly, you get murmurs. So do your team mates. One failed Lich stab is equal to about 10 Thralls, which is ten less Thralls (potentially a whole mission) less stabbing to do. More murmurs is always a good thing, especially when you are trying to unveil your third Requiem.

Secondly, you 100% guarantee an incorrect set of mods. You know for certain which mod doesn’t work in which position. Which is one less combination you have to try in order to kill the Kuva Lich. This is useful whether you know your requiem mods or not, since the first murmur you unveil doesn’t always go in the first slot.

Thirdly, a failed stab means your Lich will move to other planets. This is a good thing, because it totally sucks only having crappy missions left like Interception and Defense, which no one wants to play. More nodes to fight on means easier missions means you can get your Lich killed more quickly.

But even if you have all your murmurs uncovered and know your combination is wrong (because you forgot to change your mods) and you ignore all the advice above… you should STILL stab your Kuva Lich! Because then your team mates will get murmurs and progress towards their own Liches, and leaving your Lich alive means their Liches can’t spawn.

“I’m worried that my Lich will go too high a level and I won’t be able to fight it!”

Well that IS a reasonable concern for lower level players. But I do actually have a solution for this. Whenever you do a Kuva Lich-controlled mission, the level of the enemies on that node depend on the host. Somewhat. So, if you have a level 5 Lich you can’t fight, then you can leave and re-enter matchmaking until you get automatically put into a squad, which could have anything from level 50-ish Level 1 Lich enemies… to the same enemies you’d be fighting anyway, but no longer on your own.

Worst case scenario, someone in your clan or Recruiting Chat will help.

But yeah, always stab your Lich. Stabbing is a great thing! It benefits everyone! Including yourself!

Oberon kills the Toxin Lich who has been plaguing him.
Oberon kills the Toxin Lich who has been plaguing him.


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