Things You Can Do While Playing Pokemon Go Indoors and Not Going Outside

The main gimmick of Pokemon Go is that you’re supposed to go outside and walk around and explore your surroundings. Outside is where the Pokemon all are, so you have to go catch them! Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well when you’re supposed to be locked up indoors. Does this mean you can’t play Pokemon Go at all? Of course not! You just have to be creative. And maybe do some slightly different Pokemon things when you get bored.

Here’s some silly suggestions and alternatives to playing Pokemon Go.

Here's one of my earliest catches, a Pikachu I got from some of my first field research, alongside some Pokemon I won in a claw machine. Yes, my duvet cover has dinosaurs on it.
Stay inside and keep yourself warm. And wash your hands!

Use an Incense.

Incenses right now are incredibly useful. They last for an hour and will produce one Pokemon a minute. And there’s a box of 30 incenses available for one Pokecoin. So you might as well use one and catch some Pokemon, wherever you are. 60 Pokemon is a pretty good haul, but you will mostly get generic spawns based on your location.

You could also use a star piece as well. After all, you’re guaranteed 60 Pokemon, many of which are based on your current condition AND the current weather! So you could get a good bit of star dust out of it.

Shake Your Phone A Bit

You can’t go outside and walk around so you can’t hatch any eggs… Or can you? Well, if you’re willing to abuse Adventure Sync, you could feasibly hatch some eggs by running around your house or apartment. Or doing jumping jacks. Or really doing any sort of frantic, bouncy movement. Either way, Adventure Sync will notice any movement you make (typically when you have your screen locked or dark) and will… do something? I don’t know, but it’ll track some movements and count that as progress towards egg hatching.

Review Waypoints

For Level 40 Players (or high level Ingress players), you can actually benefit Pokemon Go players in other ways. While you might not be able to go out and submit Pokestop nominations, you can actually look over other people’s nominations and review them. A Waypoint can only get added to these games if it is reviewed positively by the Wayfarer community. And, if you’re lucky, the surge of new reviewers might mean you can get your own Pokestop added to Pokemon Go.

Play the Main Series Games

If you can’t play Pokemon Go, then why not play an actual Pokemon game? You might as well, and it’s not like there’s 8 generations of Pokemon games to choose from. The question is, what murders more Pokemon? Someone playing Pokemon Go and catching and transferring what they catch? Or someone grinding grassy areas for EXP? While you might not be able to go out for a real walk, you might find yourself strolling down memory lane as you go back to old games.

Play A Pokemon “Alternative”

Unfortunately, actual Pokemon games can be expensive, especially if you don’t already have a Nintendo console. Fortunately, there are ways to get around that. Emulation has been a thing for years, allowing people to play old games that are no longer readily available or easily accessible. There’s also Pokemon-like games, like Temtem. Or you could be lame like me and play Pixelmon Reforged, which is basically Pokemon in Minecraft.

Most importantly, don’t do anything stupid.

Oh and don’t forget to wash your hands.


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