The Troubles With Running Out of Things To Level Up

It’s pretty easy to get to MR16 in Warframe. The journey is a long, grindy one, but it’s mostly simple. You farm for materials, you build weapons and warframes, you sell them and build more. Rinse and repeat. At low MRs, there is so much to grab that you get overwhelmed, but as you get into the swing of things, it gets so much easier.

When you get to the high 20’s though? Things change.

Mastery Rank 26! Yay!
Mastery Rank 26. I remember when getting here was a struggle…

You start running out of items.

By items, I mean easy items to level up. Ideally, if you’re going for efficiency, your best bet is to go through the Market, buy all the blueprints and start from there. It costs a lot of credits, but you get there slowly.

Once you’ve run out of market items though, the most obvious thing to do is either get relics and farm for Prime items, or go to your clan’s dojo and start building weapons and items from there. There’s plenty of weapons to obtain from clan dojos, but they are also a bit more expensive. At the very least, you’ll be running around doing Invasions for the FUCKING HUGE amount of Mutagen Masses you need.

But you start running out of Warframes and weapons eventually as well.

Even if you do all those weapons, you then realise that there’s other experience to be gained elsewhere. Companions, after all, give a lot of experience. They’re expensive to craft. Very expensive. Especially when you need 10 Kavat DNA and have a high chance of not getting the one you want. Looking at you, Smeeta. But companions give great chunks of experience.

Archwings as well are in a similar boat. They give plenty of affinity and can actually be pretty neat. But leveling up Archwing gear is a bit of a pain in the ass because you can’t do it reliably. The only good Archwing node is Salacia on Neptune. That’s it. Sure, you can level up Archwing Guns by using Gravimags but that can get expensive – an extra 40 Platinum per weapon. Which sucks because most Archwing Guns are cool but are… lacking. On top of that, most of the time, it’s just easier to use a normal gun.

Atlas with a Grattler
Atlas with a Grattler

In the end, you are scrounging around for any MR you can get your hands on!

But eventually even things like Companion affinity and Archwing affinity dries up. You spend your time staring at your profile, looking at what’s left.

And that’s where I’ve been stuck ever since I hit MR28. I’ve been looking at my profile. The few things I have unmastered are just… not fun. Like K-Drives for example. I have one K-Drive board but I barely use it, because Archwing is better. The Archwing weapons I am missing are all rather useless ones. And Kuva weapons? There’s so many and I only have so many forma!

What makes this worse is that, if I level up everything, I won’t be too far away from MR29. Founders with everything mastered are in fact only a few weapons and a Warframe away. But doing EVERYTHING requires… everything. Not just weapons and Warframes. Every. Tiny. Thing. Things like getting every Kuva weapon to level 40, doing all Archwing gear and K-Drives and getting rank 10 Intrinsics in all 4 schools. That’s a lot of work. And probably too much effort.

But frankly, I can just wait. It’s not like I’m in a hurry to get to MR29…


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