So Many Costumes, So Few Pokemon

The Pokemon Go Easter event is here, and with it are even more costumed Pokemon. This time round, not only do we have the return of Flower Crown Eevee, but said Eevee is being followed by two new Pokemon with crowns. Both Buneary and Togepi are available with flower crowns now, and neither of them can evolve. And of course, we’re all going to go and catch these bastards. Or hatch them, in Togepi’s case.

Gonna be honest though, it’s getting pretty tiring

The main reason is that you can’t do anything with these flower crown Pokemon. Well, aside from the Eevees. You can evolve each of those pretty easily, because Eevee is a special case. Eevee is also being reused from an old event.

Togepi and Buneary have evolutions but neither of these costume ones can evolve. Which doubly sucks because Togepi’s evolution, Togekiss, is one of the BIGGEST PvP Pokemon around right now. A big, bulky mass that can spam Charm with ease. This would have been a great time for everyone to get a Togekiss, since a lot of people can’t do raids (and Togetic is genuinely a hard raid to do), but oh well.

Of course, Pikachu is back with something on its head as well…

I’m not even really sure what to call this Pikachu. It’s a Pikachu with a hat on that has flowers on the hat. Flower Hat Pikachu maybe? Either way, a new Pikachu with a costume is spawning, potentially taking up spawns of other, more useful Pokemon.

Too many costumed Pikachus
Too many costumed Pikachus

But yet again, these Pikachus can’t evolve! So not only are they taking up space in my inventory… not only are they a pain in the ass to delete… but you can’t even get yourself a Raichu with a flower hat on its head. Again. I wouldn’t mind, but you can get flower crown Pichu now, so Raichu is getting absolutely nothing.

Poor Raichu is getting left out, yet again.

Luckily there are other things available for this event

Like shiny Exeggcute! I’ve actually wanted a shiny Exeggcute for a while, because I think both forms of Exeggcutor are stupid yet cool. There are Torchics and Mareeps running around as well, which is a good thing if you don’t have shiny versions of those yet. Chansey will also be appearing but frankly, considering how rare Chansey was in the last egg-based event, I doubt we’ll see many. Shiny Marill is also apparently a thing now, which is great because previously you could only get its baby form as a shiny from eggs.

And if you are capable of going out for walks, then all 7km eggs from gifts are now 2km eggs with baby Pokemon in them. Apparently Riolu is in those new eggs, but the chances are probably absolutely tiny. Because eggs are generally too random and pretty crappy.

Still, the costumes are getting a little bit too much.

The question is, how do we stop it? I don’t know, because clearly these costumes are popular and are easy content to add. Guess we’ll just have to put up with them…


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