The New Corpus Ship Tileset

The biggest part of the Deadlock Protocol update was a complete remodeling of the Corpus ship tileset. Corpus ships are the oldest maps in the game, to the point that literally every mission was originally on a Corpus ship. Even Grineer missions. Clearly, something so obviously old needed a do-over. So the Corpus tileset was remastered completely and utterly, while also providing more of a look into Corpus lore.

And, of course, being a new, shiny thing, I have a lot of comments about it.

Speaking of which, it’s all very shiny.

Almost… too shiny. Very, very grandiose. These ships look amazing and they are far more lively than the old Corpus ships, but something feels off. It’s almost as if the Corpus are wasting huge amounts of real estate leaving gold hand statues everywhere.

The new Corpus ship look
The new Corpus ship look

Actually, that does seem like a very Corpus-y thing to do. But the statues are every-bloody-where. While everyone appreciates a nice, golden fist, the sudden appearance of yet another golden hand or a massive statue of Parvos Granum can be at odds with the rest of the ship. After all, you’ve often just passed a large amount of rooms filled with reactors. It seems weird to connect a room with a large, flashy, exploding thing in it to a room with a large, flashy, rich statue in it.

More things to do.

That being said though, the new Corpus ships do one thing really well. They feel like actual, livable environments. There’s little things going on everywhere you look. And plenty of secrets too, like the massive Parvos Granum story-telling statues. I also quite like the addition of trapped Solaris United workers that you can free with a Granum Crown, but the standing given for freeing them is far too small. An alternate way of freeing them would be nice too.

There are lots of nice little secrets to see and explore. And that’s ignoring the fact that all those gold hand statues teleport you to a pocket dimension if you give them a coin. As you wander around, you can see Corpus actually working, or sometimes squatting weirdly. There are pods with Corpus workers in them and weird drones which preach at you.

Corpus engineers, busy working?
Corpus engineers, busy working?

Probably not the same number as secrets as Jupiter tile sets, but not everywhere needs to be shrouded in mystery.

The new Corpus enemies seem very tough.

Alongside the new tile set, we also got new Corpus variants. Except they all wear red. And look like Corpus Techs. And they all have Supras. Okay, sure, Juno Corpus Techs actually have a variant of the Exergis that fires like a Supra. But all the normal Juno Crewmen look pretty similar to normal Corpus Techs and they pack the same amount of punch. Combined with a higher density of Nullifiers, Scrambuses and security cameras, everything hurts a lot more.

The security cameras are actually a big downside. They’re everywhere and they seem to have a massive range. It’s very easy to roll past one and then be immediately caught in the view of another. Combined with the delay the cameras have, it’s really easy for one player to race ahead and set them off, only to cause the rest of the team to be caught in the camera lasers. We have a massive uptick of them as well, as cameras seem to be in ALL the main rooms.

The MOAs though are all great. We got a nice variety of MOAs now that actually look different, rather than just being different colours. We even have Minima MOAs, tiny weeny suicide bombers that spawn instead of Rattels.

The best thing though? The music!

The new Coprus music is amazing. It’s got that somewhat actiony sci-fi feel to it, but it also feels right at home in a dystopian future. I’m really hoping that we get some more Somachord fragments soon, just so we can have that music in our ships. If DE needs somewhere to put them, you could always throw them into the Deadlock Protocol, quest, just like we did with the music from the Sacrifice.

Volt approves of these drone things.

Overall, it’s a great rework!

Corpus ships now have their own proper feel to them. It’s a genuine mixture of money-worshiping cult and properly sci-fi technology. The question is, when will the Corpus outpost tile sets get their update?


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