Glassmaker’s Third Act is Out and Tells You Nothing

Alongside the Steel Path, the third act of Nightwave Series 3 is available to play. You can now wander through a third crime scene, looking for clues. This time round, the clues are in even more annoying places, particularly the one about feelings. But if you look around for the objects that aren’t normally there and have a little glow to them, they are easily found. Just need some patience.

Anyway, new act, new story? Kinda.

This time round, a lone Grineer soldier was turned to glass. Unlike the previous ones though, there was a lack of fighting. This Grineer didn’t try to fight back. They were just sitting there, somewhat accepting of the end. Their gun (either a Kraken, Viper or Atomos) can be found unused, and the Grineer appears to own a Floof of some sort. Nora seems to make this Grineer out to be worse than he is, while I just see a lonely Grineer realising he’s allowed to have emotions.

What about Nihil though?

We just learn that he wants to make everything ordered and hates chaos. Nihil sees the player as a threat to his plan. What is his plan? Bringing order to the solar system, apparently. We’re all chaos and he wants to get rid of chaos. Really, it’s a completely vague and arbitrary thing that could mean anything if you think too hard. Are the Grineer and Corpus chaotic? Definitely. But the beings he seems to turn to glass are those who consider going against the Grineer and Corpus.

I guess we also learn that Nora’s grandmother would threaten Nora with Nihil’s existence whenever she misbehaved. Which is pretty damn sadistic. That’s like saying Hitler will come and smash your toys if your kids misbehave.

He’s a Cephalon.

Frankly, if you haven’t guessed that Nihil is a Cephalon now, you’re not paying attention. Every single part of Glassmaker has hinted that Nihil is a Cephalon, just doing Cephalon things.

He attacks every 25 minutes, he does the same thing every time. All the enemies drop Cephalon-related items. The Nightwave cosmetics are all Cephalon-themed. Heck, Nora specifically tells you that Nihil is doing things as if he was following a precept. You know, the same precepts that all other Cephalons use. He even lives in a damn Cephalon-like space, just like how Cephalons Simaris and Suda do!

If Nihil isn’t a Cephalon, then he was made into one when he died at the very least, and he’s doing very Cephalon-y things, no matter what. All under the guise of “just following orders”.

I do feel sorry for the Grineer though.

A Glassed Grineer, the victim in Act 3
A Glassed Grineer, the victim in Act 3

Poor fucker was just trying to cope with the emotions he was feeling. It seems that this Grineer didn’t really seem to do anything outwardly wrong, aside from listen in on things he shouldn’t have. Perhaps the fact that he was reading up on syndicates and had written some things down were simply too much for Nihil to handle.

Thing is, thought crimes and defection are already punishable by the Grineer. So why is Nihil interfering? He’s just picking on easy targets now.

Either way, I look forward to seeing Nihil in act 4, when he’s doing more Cephalon things. Maybe he’ll really tug at our heartstrings and murder a Fortuna worker next. Or he could actually be interesting and attack a Tenno or three directly. Now THAT give us an actual twist!


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