7 More Mods to Improve Your Nude Skyrim Experience

There’s loads and loads and loads of nude mods for Skyrim. From the super popular CBBE all the way to obscure retextures of obscure retextures, there’s a nude mod for everyone. Heck, there are mods to make non-humanoids more nude and give them bits and pieces. I’m not actually here to talk about that though. I’m here to talk about mods that make your standard nude gameplay and improve it. Just like my previous article on mods like this, I’ve found a few more mods to improve your nude Skyrim experience!

Naked Stuff of Skyrim

Naked Stuff of Skyrim is a mod that has some nude stuff in it. It’s a variety of things that simply spices up, like skinny-dipping bandits, some camps and a bathhouse with some naked NPCs. There’s also some “naked armour” that can be crafted, which is basically invisible armour that gives you armour stats, while you still remain nude. It’s a big mixture of stuff, but it does bring some naked life to Skyrim that isn’t another “big bimbo whorehouse” like some mods can be.

But for those who don’t want a nude experience, well, this mod actually just uses whatever models and skins you are using. So if you’re not using a nude mod, the NPCs in the mod won’t be nude. After all, just because you don’t want to get naked, doesn’t mean other people don’t want to get naked too.

TK Dodge

If you’re running around naked, you really don’t want to be taking blows directly to the body. Luckily, TK Dodge is the premier mod when it comes to, well, dodging. Really, dodging in some form would have been nice to have in Skyrim from the start, but TK Dodge is the best replacement we have for now, and one of the most respected.

The only downside to TK Dodge is that it IS a complicated mod that messes around with in-game animations. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make troubleshooting more difficult, especially if you’re using FNIS or PCEA, the main animation-altering plugins that allow you to add custom animations.

An actual romantic wedding and a hint of romance

What’s better than being naked on your own? Being naked with your significant other. But Skyrim is a weirdly cold and loveless place. All the love goes on behind the scenes. Even your weddings are drab and boring. Luckily, a very recently published mod called AWS – Animated Wedding Scene, at least spices up the wedding a little. It’s not a big mod at all, but it’s genuinely better than the standing around you do in vanilla Skyrim.

Speaking of vanilla, Kissing – Immersive Lover’s Comfort is a… twist on the standard sexy stuff. Mostly because it doesn’t really use standard animation mods and plugins, so you can just shove the mod into your load order no problem. Kissing – Immersive Lover’s Comfort is more compatible than most, if you’re not looking for anything particularly complicated.

An Excuse to Strip – Bathing

There are a HUGE number of mods that deal with various survival-based conditions, but none of them require you to strip naked. Well, aside from Bathing, a mod that has your character slowly get dirtier over time. So you need to have a bath and clean yourself. It’s a pretty simple premise, but it does give you an excuse to take your clothes off if you haven’t found one yet, and it does give you some immersion. After all, you are running around naked, right?


Okay, technically this is clothes, which a naked person doesn’t want. But sometimes you want a little bit of immersion, rather than just pulling all your items literally out of your ass. Bandoliers is a mod that adds, well, bandoliers. And pouches and belts and stuff like that. All extra places in which to store items on your body, rather than them just disappearing in and out of the ether.

Magical Spells

I’ve often considered going through unarmed combat mods for ages, but honestly? Most of them are hit or miss. And they are often lacking when it comes to compatibility, since a lot of the modify skill perks. That makes these mods incompatible with popular mods like Ordinator and also makes them prone to bugs.

So, instead, here’s a magical spell that includes some unarmed combat – Arcane Fighter. If you’re not going to use an unarmed combat mod, you might as well use a magical alternative. The spells are honestly overpowered as heck, but is that really a bad thing if you have no armour and can die so easily?

Longer Armor Spells on the other hand is much simpler. All it does is increase the duration of the various magical flesh spells in Skyrim. Spells like Oakflesh and Ebony Flesh now last much longer, meaning that you have an hour of magical protection of your naked hide. It’s better than nothing, I guess.

If you are interested in being nude in other games, then aabicus has you… uncovered? He has multiple articles on all sorts of games, including free to play games and, funnily enough, Minecraft as well.


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