Enigma Week Was Pretty Naff

I’m gonna be honest here. I complained about the dragon week. But the dragon part of the ‘Ultra Unlocks’ from GO Fest wasn’t that bad. At the very least, there was Dratini spawning everywhere, and Bagon was common enough for people to get a Salamence. We also got two Deinos and Gible was a surprise encounter. Enigma Week though was boring as fuck. Nothing special what so ever.

What was even in Enigma week?

Enigma Week always seems to focus on strange things. We had the return of Unown for the letters U, L, T, R and A. We had normal Deoxys spawning in raids, with a shiny form available. Shiny Staryu debuted in this event. And we got a new Pokemon, Elgeyem. There were some other minor bits and pieces, but that’s pretty much it.

What we did get was kinda rare.

Okay, sure, we had Staryu spawning in most places. Spawns were split about 60-40, event spawns and normal spawns. There were plenty of times where my nearby radar was pretty standard. Baltoy was spawning on the regular, and I’d see the odd Solrock and Lunatone, but that was kinda it. There were no Solosis, no Gothita, no Abra, nothing like that. Just Baltoy, Staryu and the odd Elgyem.

The only decent spawn was Beldum, but Beldum was Gible levels of rare. It’s nice to have been able to catch a few, but that’s it.

All the big rewards were in raids.

The fancy prizes were shiny Deoxys and shiny Unown. Both of which were in raids. Which makes them more expensive to obtain. At best, you can get 8 raids done in a week using only free passes, maybe a few more if you have some left over from previous events. But if you need all the letters of ULTRA for Unown, you have to spend 5 passes.

That being said, there were basically no Unown raids. During Enigma Week, I saw a grand total of 4 Unown raids. Three of which were T Unown. I say this as someone who can see 3 gyms all the time. (And, thanks to my work nominating Pokestops, after Enigma Week, I can see 4 Pokestops at all times!)

Shiny Deoxys is just as bad, because you can’t even trade it later on. It’s a mythical and thus can’t be traded. The Deoxys raid isn’t too bad, but its moves force you to use Ghost Types, namely Giratina. This meant that I couldn’t effectively use my 100% Shadow Tyranitar that I finally maxed out.

Eggs were shit.

The egg pool for Enigma Week was pretty shit as well. As far as I was concerned, there were only three Pokemon in the 7km Enigma eggs: Staryu and Lunatone and one lone Igglybuff. The Igglybuff I got was 100%, but, well, it’s Igglybuff. No one cares about Igglybuff. Apparently Cleffa, Solrock and some other Pokemon were in 7km eggs as well, but you wouldn’t know from what I hatched.

I suppose at least it meant we didn’t have to concentrate on them or anything.

I got literally fuck all in this event.

The best part of this event for me was getting some Beldum candy. I didn’t manage to get a good Deoxys or a shiny one. Somehow, despite checking tons of Staryu, no one seemed to get a shiny one, and no one got a shiny Baltoy either. I didn’t even manage to complete my one goal: get all the letters of ULTRA. I’m still missing a U, simply because I never actually saw a raid for one!

If you thought the Dragon week was mediocre, well, Enigma Week was even worse. I suppose at least I got my Beheeyem.

A Beheeyem called Limbo
A Beheeyem aptly named Limbo


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