On Farming Warframes to Feed to An Infested Monster

When I watched TennoLive 2020 and saw a Mag get killed and absorbed by a wall, I had two thoughts. My first thought was “what did Mag do to deserve that?” My second thought was “damn, am I going to need more Warframes?” Luckily, I have answers to both those questions. The Mag did nothing wrong. And yes, I will need a lot more Warframes. Not just any Warframes however. I will need normal Warframes. The basic ones. No Primes allowed.

Luckily, I kept some of them, right?

Well, yes and no. I still have my original Starter Volt. He’s fully forma’d and everything. I also have my original Frost, the second Warframe I built. I put time and effort into a lot of these Warframes, so I’m not exactly going to feed them to a mouth in a wall now, am I? It’s too hard. I simply don’t have the heart to do that to frames I have an attachment to.

I also have a lot of the quest-based frames. For example, I still have my normal Chroma, because he was such a pain in the ass to farm. But my normal Chroma, just like my Frost and Volt, is properly kitted out. Do I really want to feed so much hard work into Helminth? For one ability?

The answer is no.

So I need to farm for new Warframes.

This is both harder and easier than it seems. For a multitude of reasons. Sure, I’m being stubborn and not using my existing frames, but I don’t want to give those up. But there’s a ton of Warframes right now and I will have to re-farm all of them eventually. Including the ones only available via quests. This will take a lot of time. Even ignoring the 3 and a half day building costs.

Plus, it’s not like I have much else to do.

The Easy Part

There’s actually a lot of Warframes I already have some pieces for. When ephemeras first came out and I saw that Shocking Step needed a Volt Systems, I actually kept the systems for a lot of Warframes. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the rest of them, but I don’t often do boss fights anyway, so this is an opportunity to revisit those.

However, the harder-to-obtain frames? I kept all of those. Well, some of them. Or, at least, I kept all my Hildryn, Revenant and Khora parts. Annoyingly though I don’t have a full Khora set. The best news is that I kept all my Ash sets, which means I 100% do not need to farm Manics. Took me 21 attempts to get the Ivara Neuroptics though, after I mistakenly sold off THAT set for credits to buy more Pedestal Primes.

Luckily though, there’s a nice five Warframes that require no farm at all. Our friends in the Dojo Warframe Clan Tech. All I have to do is go there and buy the parts and then build them. Which is what I’m already doing.

The Hard Part

Some farms though are just no good. Alright, doing bounties for Gara and Garuda isn’t too bad, even if Gara and Revenant share a drop location. I actually

The really hard part, or at least the slow part, will be farming standing for Simaris. Sure, apparently the cost of all those Warframe parts will be chopped in half at some point. But that’s still a huge amount of standing. You’re looking at 50k standing per Warframe part, with a max capacity of 125k standing.

Luckily, there are easy ways to farm Simaris standing. I managed to max out my Simaris standing in 7 missions by scanning enemies as I sneaked around Kappa on Sedna, farming for that Ivara Neuroptics.

Absolute worst case scenario though, I just go and buy a frame with Platinum. I don’t really want to do that though.

Just some of the Warframes I have ready to go.
Just some of the Warframes I have ready to go.

The Really Hard Part

Of course, there’s one final step I need to take. I need to actually feed these freshly made frames to the Helminth in my spare room. Which is going to be hard to do.

That’s why I’m making these extra frames though. So I feel a little less guilty about killing them. Sure, I’m still killing a Warframe but at least it’s not one I’ve made memories with. Heck, these Warframes will most likely leave my foundry and go straight into the Helminth. So not only will I have no memories of using these freshly built Warframes, they won’t have any memories either.

And what if I don’t feed them to the infested room?

If I don’t? Oh well, no hard feelings. If I decide not to chuck them out, then they just get painted yellow and join the rest of my Warframes. If they’re lucky, they’ll get used occasionally. If not? Well, I’ll use them for extra fashion frame options, at least.

But, in the mean time, I have Warframes to farm.


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