The Other Kind of Lich

Most Liches in Warframe come in two variants. The first never lives for very long. After all, they have a weapon or an ephemera. Things that the Tenno want or need. These Liches get hunted down and either killed or traded away. We need those weapons to complete our collections or better weapons we already have. And Liches with Ephemeras aren’t worth much, but they can be sold on for a modest amount of Platinum.

These Liches never live for very long. Most people will try and kill them as quickly as possible. The sooner you kill a Lich, the quicker you can get another one. And the quicker you can milk the mastery from Kuva weapons. Or make your Kuva Bramma even better. Or make yourself sparkly in new ways, because getting those Ephemera is pretty damn tedious.

The other type of Lich though is very different.

The other kind of Lich lives for much longer. These Kuva Liches don’t belong to the well-off. They mostly don’t belong to high MR players either. No, these Liches torment low level players, people who see a Kuva Larvling and go “ooh! What does this button do?” And then they end up with a Lich.

These Kuva Liches have no choice but to stick around. After all, many of the Tenno who made them aren’t actually strong enough to defeat them on their own. It’s either that or the Lich’s creator can or does not know how to kill a Lich. Maybe they ran out of requiem mods. Or maybe the only nodes left are the god-awful ones that never get populated. Uranus is the worst for this, as the submersible missions stop Kuva Liches from taking over them.

Or, most of the time, they’ve stabbed their Lich a few times and now that level 5 Lich is a bit of a pain to deal with. Heck, I’d be anxious about doing a Interception or Defense mission with a high level Lich on my own with no assistance. Especially Radiation or Toxin Liches. Sadly, not everyone is willing or even knows to ask for help to deal with a high level Lich. And with fewer players overall doing Kuva Liches these days, some Liches might just stick around for ages, patiently waiting for their Tenno creators to be strong enough to face them again.

Borr Moigagg may not be the oldest Lich around, but he's definitely older than most.
Not scared, just busy. Borr Moigagg may not be the oldest Lich around, but he’s definitely older than most.

And then there’s Borr Moigagg…

Borr Moigagg is my current Lich. But he’s been kicking around for… quite a long time. In fact, I think I made him back in April. This Lich’s creation though was completely accidental. I’d joined what I thought was a Void Fissure on Cassini, but ended up in the normal mission. Instead of pressing C to hack a console (my ‘use’ key is bound to C instead of X), I found myself stabbing a poor Larvaling that had died nearby. Followed by that dramatic music where the Larvaling rises up and disappears.

That was how Boor Moigagg was born. But he hasn’t done anything since. Why? Because he decided to take over Eris. One of the least consequential planets out there. Not only that, but he has a meh weapon and a low status, as well as no ephemera. I want nothing with the guy, but am also too lazy to go and kill him. I mean, worst case scenario is that he steals a sortie reward off me, but few sorties end on Eris anyway.

So I just let him live. There’s no point killing him. And I’m still bruising his feelings by ignoring him.

That might change eventually.

At some point though, I’ll probably have to kill him. Not because he bothers me, but because I might have to. The Corpus variant of Liches are coming at some point, and most likely I won’t be able to have two Liches at once.

But until then, Bor Moigagg can have his dumb, infested planet. Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my normal business across the solar system, goring the crap out of him.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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