Primed Sure Footed – The Best Quality of Life Mod Ever

Earlier this year, on a whim, I decided to max out Primed Sure Footed. I’ve never actually used the normal Sure Footed mod before, but Primed Sure Footed offered 100% knockdown resistance, so I thought I’d give it a go. Normally I wouldn’t max out a very expensive primed mod, but eh, I was flush with Endo at the time.

Turns out, Primed Sure Footed is absolutely amazing.

Primed Sure Footed - 100% chance to resist knockdown
Primed Sure Footed – 100% chance to resist knockdown

But first, the downsides.

Before I talk about how amazing Primed Sure Footed is, I have to tell you that it’s an EXPENSIVE mod. While, yes, Primed Sure Footed IS an Exilus mod, it’s also a Primed mod and thus stupidly expensive. This mod however also costs 16 capacity. That’s the same as Umbral Intensify. And more than half of a fresh, unmodded Warframe or weapon.

The other massive downside is that Primed Sure Footed is a login reward. You have to wait a long, long time to be able to get it. Specifically, you have to wait 400 days, over a year, to be able to pick Primed Sure Footed. And because it’s the last of the Daily Tribute milestone mods, it’s only available after 400 days. Even then, you might want to pick Primed Shred or Primed Vigor over Primed Sure Footed, although personally, Primed Shred is only a little bit better, and few frames can use Primed Vigor very well.

For an ancient player like me, though, it’s great!

I don’t normally use the Exilus slot for much. While I do like Power Drift and Cunning Drift, I can live without the 15% strength and range bonuses. It only really gets used for Enemy Sense, mostly on Warframes I use on the Index. The 16 capacity is a lot, but many new Primed Frames already have a lot of existing pre-forma’d slots anyway. So I’ll find a way to slot it in. Newer normal Warframes though are a bit problematic – Khora and Gauss both have their slots pre-forma’d to Naramon (-), so they’d need to be forma’d again.

I do however have the Exilus slot forma’d to the D polarity on my normal Volt, who was the first frame I tested this on.

Simply put, it was 100% worth it.

Immunity to almost ALL knockdowns!

You know those dumb laser barriers you see in Corpus missions? With Primed Sure Footed, you can run straight through them with almost no penalty. Aside from triggering Spy missions alarms, that is. Ancients and Grineer Scorpions no longer pose a threat to you as their little hooks will just clink off your body. And those Shockwave MOAs? Harmless. Heavy Gunners will still shoot at you, but their area-of-effect knockdowns are not an issue at all.

Some things will still knock airborne, but you don’t get knocked down. Most notably Arson Eximi with their flame walls. But even those won’t knock you down, they just knock you away, and only really when you’re in the air. The only other exception seems to be parts of the Profit Taker fight, but Primed Sure Footed makes that fight overall a billion times more palatable.

But even more importantly, Primed Sure Footed works on your OWN knockdowns and staggers! The staggers you get from Quick Thinking are a thing of the past. All your explosive weapons dealing self-knockback are ALSO a thing of the past. You can take literally any explosive weapon, from the Ogris to the Kulstar to the Orvius, fire it at your feet and not even flinch.

EXPLOSIONS. Alternatively, how not to use the Lenz. Except you CAN use it like this using Primed Sure Footed!

No knockdowns makes you feel like a god.

Playing Warframe without being knocked down at all makes me feel so insanely powerful. Okay, sure, Warframe is a power fantasy, but with Primed Sure Footed, it leaps up to another level. I can just round around, firing rocket-powered arrows at my feet and finishing people off with miniature rockets or massive shock wave blasts without impunity. The only things that scare me now are, well, things that can kill me. But good luck to the world though, because I’ve got a Kuva Bramma that can’t knock me down.

With Primed Sure Footed, you can just charge through just about anything. Sure, it’s a bandaid, a plaster covering a problem. A very expensive, hard to get one. But Primed Sure Footed is a fun bandaid, and totally worth it for the sheer, raw power of just saying “lol no” to all knockdowns.


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