I Haven’t Seen An Aron In Ages – Constant Pokemon Go Events

A while back, I mentioned that I started a second Pokemon Go account, so I could re-experience (and eventually write about) the new player experience. The ‘little account’, as it is often called, doesn’t get out much. In fact, it mostly just sits at home. Adventure sync barely works on it, and I’m often too lazy to set up a mobile hotspot. So this little account mostly just sees spawns at home.

That being said, I’ve made some good progress on the little account. It successfully completed the Team Rocket research for Mewtwo and has a Vullaby, a Pokemon I’ve yet to hatch. I’ve also managed to get Mew and Victini and I’m nearly done with the Meltan research.  But right now I am stuck on two steps. A Ripple in Time and A Thousand-Year Slumber are both quite a bit more tedious. A Ripple in Time requires me to walk Eevees to evolve them into Umbreon and Espeon. A Thousand-Year Slumber requires me to walk 20km with a Feebas and… get a gold Hoenn medal.

It’s taking forever to get this medal!

I’m on literally step 2 of the Thousand-Year Slumber quest and I still have a huge amount of work to do. I’m currently on 67 out of the 90 Pokemon needed, and most of these are evolved Pokemon or Legendaries. There’s a lot more Pokemon in Gen 3 compared to Gen 2, which means more Pokemon overall needed to catch.

It turns out, catching Hoenn Pokemon’s actually kinda tricky. But not because they’re hard to catch. After all, there’s not actually THAT many Legendaries and Mythicals. Rayquaza and Deoxys are actually already in the Pokedex for my little account. Might be a while before I can get Groudon and Kyogre though.

No, the problem is the non-stop onslaught of events.

Take Aron for example. In partly cloudy weather, Aron spawns all the time. It’s a Hoenn Pokemon with two evolutions, into Lairon and Aggron. While Aggron doesn’t have many uses aside from being doubly weak to fighting and only useful against Ice types, it’s normally a pretty common Pokemon. I’ve seen both Lairon and Aggron out in the wild, and Lairon at least is one of the more common evolved wild spawns.

At least, it is when there’s not events on. The constant events however will block normal spawns and replace most of them with event spawns. During the Halloween event, most Pokemon that appeared were Ghost or Dark types from all generations, mostly leaning towards Gastly. But it’s been nothing BUT non-stop events, with only a handful of days between each one. Or, in some cases, only a few hours. This means that Aron doesn’t even get a chance to spawn, being replaced with whatever the common event spawns are.

Most of these events are Kanto ones.

As of writing, there’s an Animation Event happening. This is a tie-in between Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Anime, with Ash and the new character. Which means we get a bunch of Kanto Pokemon. The most common spawns right now are Fearow and Exeggcute, followed by Paras, Bulbasaur and Wurmple. Scyther and Dratini are rare spawns. Out of all of these, Wurmple is the only Hoenn Pokemon of the bunch. The rest are all Kanto Pokemon.

Really, a lot of events like that. The Mega Evolution events in particular are pretty bad – the only non-Kanto Pokemon we have a Mega Evolution for is Houndoom, which was unlocked via players completing research. Even the Community Days this year have been mostly Kanto-based, with Charmander, Abra, Magikarp, Rhydon and now Electabuzz and Magmar being featured.

But even then, I have to hold off on evolving!

To be fair, some Hoenn Pokemon have been spawning. During the Dragon Week, Trapinch and Bagon were around. During the Psychic/Mystery weeks, Beldum was a semi-rare spawn, and Ralts appeared during the Fashion Event. Despite these appearances though, I have to hold off on evolving half of these.

I actually have enough candy to evolve some Hoenn Pokemon. I have nearly enough to evolve a Metagross, and plenty to get a Flygon. Yet there’s no reason to evolve a Metagross right now because I can’t get Meteor Mash on it. The same applies to Flygon and Salamence, who both have Community Day moves as well.

And then I have to worry about Pokeballs.

Simply put, Pokeballs are in short supply right now. Between all the events we’ve had and the constant research tasks alongside them, Pokeballs are constantly needed. But at the same time, we’re also experiencing more and more lockdowns across the planet. So there’s less going out and spinning Pokestops.

Sure, completing the Pokedex is supposed to be a gradual task. And there has been a slow trickle of Hoenn Pokemon available. But with all the Kanto Pokemon in all these mostly Kanto-themed events, if you’re looking for, well, non-Kanto Pokemon, you’re kinda out of luck.


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