My New Favourite Warframe Loadout

In the hours between failing the MR30 test and completing the MR30 test the next day, I went through a lot of resources. While I flailed around, I needed to try a lot of things. I went through various weapons and builds, not really sure what I was doing wrong. In the end, the problem wasn’t with my weapons, but my own performance.

Anyway, when that was over, I decided to just dick around doing random missions. During which I used a slightly different version of what I used to do that MR30 test. Maybe it was the euphoria from being a True Master, or maybe it was something else, but either way, I ended up stumbling upon a new favourite loadout.

Volt with Kuva Bramma
Volt with Kuva Bramma

Big Booms with the Bramma

Sure, the Bramma is one of those meta weapons, but I do feel like it’s fallen out of favour lately. The weapon saw some explosive nerfs and a massive Riven disposition nerf. It was still perfectly usable, despite these nerfs. But it also saw the addition of self-knockback, which I feel is what really kicked the Bramma off its high horse. After all, if all the little bomblets make you roll backwards, the Bramma becomes a lot less fun to use.

Thankfully, I have Primed Sure Footed, so I don’t need to worry about throwing myself off and locking myself in an animation. And since Primed Sure Footed is a Warframe mod, I can remove Cautious Shot and replace it with Vigilante Supplies, which converts unused ammo into ammo I need. So I basically never run out of ammo unless I really fuck up.

Turns out I’ve been missing Hunter Munitions from my Kuva Bramma though. Normally, I’m not that keen on Hunter Munitions, with its 30% chance to deal slash procs on a crit. It’s definitely not worth using if you’re not doing crit damage on the regular. But the Bramma (alongside most bows) easily crits pretty much every hit. So pretty much everything bleeds too.

Dakka Dakka Grakata

Sometimes though, you need a little bit more nuance. After all, it’s not worth wasting a whole arrow on something like a security camera. Or, more importantly, I need a bit of accuracy while I shoot a Nox or Thumper in its weakspot. When I say “a bit of accuracy”, I mean “pour an entire clip of bullets into roughly one spot” using the Twin Grakatas.

Sure, I could use a far more potent weapon. The Kuva Nukor for example is more powerful than both the Bramma and the Lenz. The Twin Kuva Stubbas are probably a better choice in dual-wielded secondaries. But the Twin Grakatas have a nostalgic feel to them and just all-round feel more fun to use. Plus, I have a cool riven that gives them +multishot and +fire rate, so that’s always a plus. Can never fire too many bullets.

Rapier Zaw Slashing Away

If you somehow manage to survive both the explosive nuclear bow and the dual assault rifles, then there’s a sharp, pointy stick waiting at the end. I’ve been using the Fang of the Whenvern, my personal Rapier Zaw, for a long-ass time, but it’s so damn good. I actually used to use a polearm Zaw (named Pride of the Flamebearer – yes, all my modular weapons have overly fancy names), but with the changes to melee stances in Melee 3.0, I found myself preferring Rapier stances instead.

Not because of the forced slash procs in some combos, but because of how the stance flows as you move. Rapiers allow you to keep more momentum than a lot of other melees, which means you can keep on moving forward. Combine that with a Plague Kripath head, and you’ve got an almighty combo that keeps on going. Although, sadly, I can’t use my Plague Kripath riven any more (the only Zaw riven I own), due to its disposition being so bad that the stats on my riven are now meaningless.

If things get really bad, I also have Exodia Contagion, with which I can fling explosives at my enemies. A stealth nerf weakened Exodia Contagion quite a bit when Heart of Deimos came out, but it’s still very strong.

Volt’s Speed tying it all together

Now, could use pretty much any Warframe for this. Wukong is a great choice because his clone is a great distraction. Valkyr is also a great option thanks to War Cry. But Volt’s Speed is just so easy to use and cheap to cast. There’s no reason not to. I still use Shocking Speed (as seen in my old Volt build) but my main build these days is quite different.

With four Forma in my normal Volt, I have space for Primed Sure Footed, as well as a maxed out Vitality, Redirection and Primed Flow. I also have a maxed out Primed Continuity, as well as Capacitance and Shocking Speed. Really, my build isn’t that important, as long as I have positive power strength and a good amount of duration. Just so I’m not spamming Speed all the time.

It’s nothing special but it’s fun.

Like all my builds, this isn’t particularly fancy. I’ve always gone for builds that I can take pretty much everywhere though, and my current loadout is one of them. With the Bramma,Twin Grakatas and my Zaw, I can happily take part in most missions, including Steel Path ones. Really, the Bramma does most of the hard work, but the rest of the loadout fills the gaps that the Kuva Bramma can’t.

That being said though, I still take Ivara and do Spy missions on my own. Because, despite being a True Master, I’d rather not take any risks in Spy missions…


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