Deimos Arcana, AKA I don’t have enough Pyrol

I don’t get the rarity some items have in Warframe sometimes. It’s just all over the place. Some items, despite being kinda meh, are locked away behind massive grinds. Others are, well, right there to grab. This has come up again in the Deimos Arcana update. Some of the new items are stupidly rare, some of them aren’t. It’s a very weird mess.

The new Necramech is just… there.

The biggest example of this whole strange rarity thing is the new Necramech. The Bonewidow and her new gun are just blueprints that Loid sells. You just go up to him and buy them and go and build them and that’s it. If you had extra sets from the times you spent farming in the past, then you can just build the new Necramech right away! Although I kinda goofed here and sold the extra Damaged Necramech Weapon sets I had, so I have to re-farm half of that.

The new Cernos is similar. You need a Mutalist Cernos, but aside from that, you just buy the blueprint from the market. The Kitgun parts are right there to buy from Father. And two of the new weapons are Dojo weapons. These are time-gated, but all you have to do is wait.

On the other hand, two new weapons, the infested Warfan and Nunchucks, are only available in the new Isolation Vaults. Which require doing the new bounties and old Isolation Vaults. It’s a huge grind for two weapons, which are completely overshadowed by the other weapons in this update.

The bigger issue though? Resources.

OMFG WHY DOES BAPHOLITE NEED SO MUCH PYROL? This is what happens when you don’t stock up. I thought 100 Bapholite would be fine. It wasn’t. I needed double that, which meant I needed to farm Pyrol. But Pyrol is a mineral on the Plains of Eidolon. Thankfully, my Kavat gave me a double buff (40 Pyrol in one go!) but that still wasn’t enough to cover my costs.

Meanwhile, I am sitting on TONS of unused Deimos gems. These just don’t get used for anything. We barely use most Deimos resources. I suppose that would be for the best, but the ones we do use require resources from other open worlds as well. It’s even worse if you only farmed enough parts for just the one Necramech. I really didn’t think they’d be almost identical in build requirements.

New Gara Skin (with default helmet because I like it)
The New Gara Skin (with default helmet because I like it)

Everything else is kinda meh.

We have a few bits and pieces. There’s a new K-Drive, which you get for completing Deimos races, which is meh. We have a few new bounties, which are okay, assuming the Cambion Drift even loads. There’s a ton of bug fixes. Chroma got a bit of a rework, but that only touches one ability and didn’t fix the fact that his 1 and 4 are still technically useless AND he’s boring to play. Khora got a nerf, Ash got a buff.

Really though, the real winners here are Nekros and Gara. Gara’s new skin is great, as are its sword skin and syandana. A genuinely beautiful skin that doesn’t stray wildly from the original. It also isn’t a shitty proto skin. Nekros though got a genuinely cool buff to Soul Punch, which allows him to heal his Shadows and create new ones without re-casting his 4.

The Acolyte changes have gone through too, and they’re still bullshit. Sure, the super casual player can get a few more Steel Essence from doing daily Steel Essence alerts but the completely passive farm is completely dead, since you HAVE to fight Acolytes to get drops elsewhere. This also completely kills endurance runs, since, again, you have to completely stop what you’re doing to fight an Acolyte. Which may or may not spawn. Because we have no idea of when they spawn, aside from “possibly every 5-8 minutes”.

Good news though, there’s some easy mastery here.

For people who are still gunning for MR30, there’s enough to cover some of your bases. There’s 8 new weapons in this update alone, making up 24k mastery. This means that people who don’t have log-in weapons or items like the Machete can now reach MR30. Sure, you still need nearly everything else in the game, but as more and more items are released, the easier MR30 becomes.

Anyway, time to wait for all these weapons to finish building, so I can review them…


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