I Can’t Work Out What Necramechs Are Supposed To Be Used For

Necramechs are really, really cool. They’re basically massive armed robot guards. Golden-plated monstrosities that mow down enemies with big dakka guns. These giant Orokin robots are the complete opposite to smooth, sleek Warframes. Despite their strange appearance, you can’t deny that a Necramech is a terrifying sight.

But what are Necramechs actually useful for?

Lore-wise, they’re basically no longer used.

While Father will go on about how great Necramechs are, it’s clear that Warframes replaced them. After all, you can’t exactly fit a Necramech through a normal doorway. It also seems like they were awkward to make. The only reason we have Necramechs now is because the Entrati kept them in use, since they didn’t have access to Warframes at all.

But while Warframes replaced Necramechs, it’s clear that Necramechs have their own strengths. The ability to be a massive wall of pain and death is useful, especially against hordes of Infested.

And then there’s the Necramech in the Heart of Deimos quest. Sure, your Warframe gets the crap kicked out of it, but only because you’re mostly unaware of what you’re going up against. It’s reverse plot armour. The big bad beats you because you are somehow magically not strong enough. In regular gameplay though, Warframes destroy Necramechs all the time.

A couple of Necramechs, about to wreck shit
A couple of Necramechs, about to wreck shit.

Gameplay-wise, Necramechs are in a funny spot.

First off, you can (currently) only use them in open world areas. That’s three places in the entire solar system. Luckily, when you can use them, Necramechs are stupidly strong. Even if the Voidrig Necramech’s exalted turrets were nerfed, you can do huge amounts of damage and have good damage mitigation. But… most Warframes can do that as well. Sometimes all in a single Warframe, like Chroma and Wukong.

You’re also taking away huge amounts of mobility. Even the biggest Warframe bounces and floats around like a butterfly on crack. A Necramech however is a massive, obvious lump of metal that’s easy to shoot at. Even with the reflecting, Iron-Skin-like ability, you take huge amounts of damage. While also being unable to recover it at easily. Necramechs also lose out on quality-of-life stuff like vacuuming up loot, gear items and allied buffs. They can only pick up energy and health orbs off the ground and can’t regain health or energy in any other way. All while being the obvious target in any firefight. Okay, sure, vacuum got added for Necramechs in the Deimos Arcana update but it’s still nothing compared to the mobility, power and utility Warframes have access to.

Really, the whole no-energy-boosts thing is what holds them back. Necramechs are insanely strong, using Archwing guns as if they are normal guns. Even the lack of normal mobility can be avoided with the right jump boosts. But not being able to generate energy really slows them down.

They just can’t do what Warframes can. And there’s nothing really to use Necramechs on either. Sure, you can try using them against an Eidolon or Profit Taker, but a Warframe is simply easier.

Clearly, the Necramechs only exist to fight some mega boss later on.

This is honestly the only reason I can see why we need them. There is, guaranteed, going to be a massive boss that requires us to use a Necramech. Because, for some reason, it’s immune to Warframe powers. Or some bullshit like that. Most likely there will be a flimsy reason as to why we can’t take our Warframes and have to take a Necramech instead. We’ll probably have to spend more and more time with our Operators as well.

Although, if I’m honest, I’m surprised they didn’t pop up in the MR30 test. But having to fight a lot of enemies quickly, either with or against Necramechs, is cumbersome at best.

But, then again, it’s obvious why we don’t use Necramechs much. I answered it myself earlier on. Warframes are, most of the time, vastly superior to Necramechs.


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