Where did all my Houndours and Growlithes go?

I haven’t seen a Houndour in days. Normally, Houndour is a common spawn where I live. It’s sunny most of the time, so I get sunny boosted spawns. As well as Houndour, I normally also see lots of other Pokemon. Growlithe is normally very common, but I’d see plenty of Pokemon like Vulpix, Pansear, Numel and Diglett as well. Even in Partly Cloudy weather, I’d still see the odd Growlithe or Houndour, and Vulpix was always weirdly common. Roselia seemed to always spawn, and in high numbers too.

Sadly though, I haven’t really seen any of these Pokemon in ages.

Medic surrounded by Houndooms and Houndours
Medic, about 10 minutes before all the spawns changed in Pokemon Go.

Ever since the Kalos event though, all these Pokemon are gone.

Instead, spawns have been replaced with mostly normal types. Namely Jigglypuff, Buneary, Hoothoot and Pidgey, as well as a handful of others like Eevee and the new Kalos normal types. Aron and Trubbish are the common non-normal types. Uncommon spawns consist solely of the odd Ralts or Bronzor. Sure, I’ve seen quite a few evolved Pokemon, but they’ve mostly been Pokemon that are already around, like Lairon, Pidgeotto, Lopunny and Wigglytuff. Thanks to a baby account with an incomplete Pokedex, I’ve seen one Poliwhirl, one Grovyle and one Combusken spawn in the wild too.

The only fire types I’ve seen lately have been Pansear, Fennekin and Charmander. Grass types have been non-existent aside from the occasional Chespin. This is still true even in sunny weather. Instead, sunny weather-boosted Pokemon consist of Drilbur, Pansear and Tropius. And that’s it.

I thought it was just the Kalos event.

I mean, they released 7 new Pokemon in the wild. It would have been silly to have all spawns be nothing but Fletchling, Litleo and Bunnelby. We needed normal Pokemon to fill in the gaps. So having Eevee spawn wouldn’t be too bad. But no, as soon as the event ended… none of the spawns changed. There was a mass despawn then respawn (there always is when an event ends) but the Pokemon were all the same.

All those Jigglypuffs and Eevees and Bunnelbys stuck around. They’re all still here. Actually, most of the Kalos stuff has stuck around. Nothing’s actually changed, and it seems the event was nothing more but research. All the Houndours, Growlithes, Vulpixes, Numels, Roselias, Digletts and Cherrims are, well, gone.

Okay, I knew spawn changes were coming, but not like this!

I was expecting there to be way more variation with Pokemon spawns, especially with them now changing with the seasons. But instead we’ve ended up with the opposite. There is LESS variation with Pokemon spawns, despite the updates and seasons. I used to get a large variety of Pokemon regardless of weather. Now, all I see are the same 5 Pokemon – Jigglypuff, Pidgey, Eevee, Trubbish and Aron. With a handful of Tropius and Drilbur if it’s sunny, Koffing if it’s cloudy and the odd Meowth when it’s partly cloudy.

That’s it.

The only place where I see non-normal spawns now is at the Pokestop at the end of the road. And that’s because there’s a Seel nest there. It spawns 1-3 Seels and a bunch of the normal spawns. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll see a Lairon there. Apparently, though, the number of Pokemon even capable of making nests has been reduced dramatically as well.

I guess there’s one benefit.

And that is more evolved Pokemon spawning in the wild. That has genuinely been nice to see. I used to see a single evolved Pokemon maybe once or twice a week, now I see them on the regular. Even though I already have enough Aggrons (who are basically useless),

But seeing my third Lairon in three days doesn’t make up for the fact that all my cute fire Pokemon are now essentially extinct. At the rate I’m going, I may never see a Ponyta ever again…


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