The 5 Weirdest Warframe Bugs I’ve Seen

Warframe is a video game. Because it is a video game, it is sometimes hit by bugs. If you read through Reddit and the Warframe forums, you’d think Warframe is the buggiest game ever. It’s not, but it does have its fair share of bugs. After all, there’s an entire command, /unstuck, which is supposed to get you out of terrain you’re trapped in. Then again, Skyrim exists. You need official patches, unofficial patches and patches for the unofficial patches for that mess.

So yeah, Warframe DOES have a few bugs, many of which are tied to hosting and peer-to-peer missions. And some of these bugs can be very, very interesting.

Of course, I’m not very good at actually recording or taking screenshots of many of these bugs, but you’re gonna have to take my word for it. Anyway, here’s the five weirdest bugs I’ve stumbled across.

The Five Player Squad

Sometimes, just by pure chance, you can end up in a bugged mission with five players. For me, the strangest occurrence of this happening was during a Sortie, in particular an Orokin Defense. Everyone else seemed to be fine, but I couldn’t use chat or communicate with the other players. What was weirder though was that everyone’s names came up as DE_Steve, and the pause menu showed everyone as MR0 Excaliburs.

More than five players is possible too, but I’ve personally never seen more than 5.

Turns out though, this one’s actually vaguely common. At least, it’s common enough that r/warframe marks it as a duplicate posts and deletes it whenever five player squad posts come up.

The Mission With Only Two Rooms

Some missions are literally only two rooms. Hydron is a good example of this. However, you kinda need there to be more than one room when you load into an Exterminate. In this mission though, there were only two rooms. The standard Grineer Galleon spawn room (the one you start Hydron in) and one corridor and… that was it.

The only way out was to quit the mission the old-fashioned way.

The T-Posing Stalker

This bug is definitely a client-side bug, but it is pretty terrifying. I actually very rarely see normal Stalker these days, what with having completed the Second Dream a good three years ago. So seeing normal Stalker is always nice. And, for some reason, I only ever see him on Seimeni, Ceres. Maybe because that’s where newer players go for credits.

But yeah, Stalker’s scariness is basically doubled when he’s chasing you in a T-pose.

The Infinite Index

I’ve actually spoken about an infinite index mission before. I witnessed a bug where I spent an eternity floating in the void, with a counter going into the negatives. But what if I told you that I’ve had this happen again?

The scoreboard from the mission while I was dead
A screenshot of the scoreboard the first time this happened. The scoreboard from the mission while I was dead. I should point out, there was NO Volt Specter in this mission and my former team mates didn’t all have the same emblem.

The second time this happened, I was in a squad, but had a host migration just as the points were deposited. I wanted to do a low risk run just to even out the amount of credits I had, and had joined a mission in progress. But immediately, I ended up in a host migration. Unfortunately, the exact same scenario happened. There were no enemies, the timer ticked down and I was. The only real difference this time though was that I spawned in dead. I didn’t even have a chance to die.

As an aside, apparently Liches stealing your Index winnings isn’t a bug. It is however motivation to chase them down and kill them.

The Broken Necramech and the Missing Kid

One of the more recent bugfests I’ve had though was a recent Orphix Venom mission. Oddly enough, I’d been fine with the event up until a hotfix. After that, every game was riddled with bugs.

The weirdest mission though completely destroyed my space kid. I couldn’t switch out to my Operator. It was as if she didn’t exist. I ended up stuck inside my Necramech, which wasn’t too bad at first, since that’s the whole point of the operation. As the mission went on though, I lost my Warframe (I was using Excalibur Umbra) and then I lost my abilities too. Then, to make matters worse, I lost my ammo. My Archgun’s ammo stopped regenerating, meaning I was noting more than a walking scrap heap.

Of course, without abilities, I couldn’t keep my Necramech alive. So it died. Except it didn’t. I was still stuck in my Necramech, only able to walk about. No boosting, no weapons, no melee, nothing.

Thankfully, most of the time, Warframe isn’t that buggy at all. And most bugs seem to happen because of host migrations or laggy connections. But some of these bugs are too silly.

Oh well. At least they’re rare.


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