A Mareep Incense Event

Incense events are weird. All the spawns around you stay the same. In fact, the only difference is that Incense spawns different Pokemon, sometimes changing what spawns based on what time it is. There’s no research to go alongside the incense, it’s just throw the incense on and hope you catch a shiny.

Mareeps in a field
Mareeps in a field

This Mareep event is no different.

In this event, we get electric spawns and dragon spawns. Because Mareep’s final evolution, Ampharos, has appeared in Mega Raids. And Mega Ampharos is an electric/dragon type. As part of this Incense event, you can evolve a Flaafy into an Ampharos to get its old community day move, Dragon Pulse. Which, uh, doesn’t make Mega Ampharos any more useful.

The Pokemon available are split into hour-based spawned. 2 hours of electric spawns followed by an hour of dragon spawns.

Also not a fan of what the “if you’re lucky” Pokemon are. Bagon is alright, but Bagon, just like Mareep, is reliant on a fucking community day move. Stunfisk on the other hand featured in plenty of events last year. And in PvP, it appears as yet another bulky annoying dual-type Pokemon that covers most of its weaknesses.

Give us an actual dragon hour.

The electric hour spawns are… okay. Magnemite is always a good thing to see, and Mareep, the main Pokemon, is plentiful. Pikachu, Plusle and Minun are just there. Voltorb I guess is an interesting choice, but I feel like we’re kinda limiting ourselves here. Out of all the electric types we got, why are they mostly cute, tiny ones and two random weird-looking ones thrown in? And why are they all, aside from Magnemite, genuinely pretty useless?

The biggest rip off though is what actually spawned in the dragon hours. I mean, first off, we get 4 hours of electric types and only 2 hours of dragon types. But the dragon types are the same old crap. Pokemon that aren’t dragon types, and evolve into them.  Horsea, Trapinch and Swablu are NOT dragon types! Come on! We have plenty of dragon types! Why not make the spawns mostly Mareep, Dratini and Bagon and fill the rarer spots with Noibat and Gible?

At least we get Bagon, I suppose. Was worried that it would be super rare, like Scrafty was in the water/dark incense event we had last year.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the free incense, I wouldn’t have bothered.

I feel like my incense would be better used on a Community Day, with incense lasting 3 hours. I suppose during this event, I can use 2 incense to cover half of an electric hour and half a dragon hour, but what am I actually catching? It’s two hours of looking at my phone, for Pokemon that mostly don’t have boosted shiny chances. And half of these Pokemon should have been spawning in the wild in the Hoenn event anyway.

At least this event gives you 3 incense for 1 coin. This means pretty much anyone can play the event if they want to. Or you can just use one or two and save the other incense for a later day.

Probably for the best that they were free, because I didn’t get anything good. Not even a shiny Mareep.


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