Sneasel Research Day

I honestly think these Pokemon GO research days are improving. Research days were originally a massive slog, which made people run around town for little reward. However, with each new research day, they seem to be improving on the formula. Sneasel Research Day, in my opinion, is one of the better ones yet.

And of course, it can be played from now. Great for multiple reasons, mostly because we’ve had torrential downpours all day.

Two Sneasels trying to look cool in an icy biome

Sneasel is a really good choice for a Pokemon.

We’ve got a really strong ice type and a good contender when it comes to dark types. Weavile is genuinely useful in quite a few raids, notably the myriad of dragons out there. But it’s also a great glass cannon and cheaper option against Psychic types too.

Not only that, but Sneasel is also easy to get good/great/excellent throws on. It’s a little tricky to catch, but the event gives you thirty of each type of berry, so you won’t be running dry.

Sure, some people will complain that Sneasel is a common shiny. In fact, it’s actually more common than most shinies, due to it having a higher base chance. But shiny Sneasel is a really nice shiny. And, since it’s a useful Pokemon as well, you actually get to use these shinies in raids and stuff. You also don’t get any complaints of people missing rare stuff either.

Simple tasks like before, but at least Sneasel is easy to hit.

Most of these tasks are the same. Catch a bunch of Pokemon, feed Pokemon some berries, things like that. Luckily, the only difficult task is making Great Throws in a row, and this time round, it only asks for 2! That’s really great, because Sneasel is actually easy to get Great Throws on. But there are also plenty of wild, non-Sneasel Pokemon you can use too. Aipom in particular is a good choice for great throws.

You only need to catch 2-3 Pokemon maximum per stage, but if you don’t have any nearby spawns, then you may need an incense. That being said, I was banking one Sneasel per stage, not catching it so I could use it for the next stage. You can only do this with one Sneasel at a time, but it’s better than nothing.

Only one task might throw you off, and that’s “evolve a dark type”. But that’s only if you don’t already have a ton of dark types ready to evolve. Sneasel itself requires 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone, but it’s unlikely you’ll have caught enough Sneasels for that if you’re starting from zero.

The only thing we needed was wild Sneasel spawns.

I find it weird that we didn’t get any. Actually, whether we get wild spawns or not seems to be completely random based on the event. The Drifloon event had wild Drifloons spawning, but not that many. Meowth’s research event had it as research only, and Sneasel is the same.

That being said, I don’t think we should have been flooded with Sneasel spawns. Just a small number of them scattered here and there, breaking up the other event spawns would have been nice.

Overall though, I definitely can’t complain. A cool Pokemon, an easy to get shiny and no massive hill to climb.


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