5 Other Cool Warframe Melee Weapons You Should Try

There are tons of cool weapons in Warframe, but none are as varied as melee weapons. From massive swords to petite daggers, there’s something for everyone. But even among melee weapons, there are plenty of even cooler ones. Melee gimmicks that help a weapon stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 other cool melee weapons you should try in Warframe.


The Vitrica is a badass glass sword, once wielded by an ancient Orokin bastard. After defeating said Orokin bastard in the Weave, the Cephalon version of the internet, you obtain the blueprint for this cool weapon. While it just looks like a normal (yet frail) great sword on the surface, the Vitrica has a unique trait. On air attacks, it lets out a wave of glass resonance that can freeze and stun enemies, trapping them in glass. You can then smash glassed enemies for lots of tasty damage.

While the Vitrica is going away at the end of Nightwave: Glassmaker, it’s almost guaranteed to return in Nightwave Intermissions.#

The Vitrica, wielded by a Wisp while in the Cephalon Weave
The Vitrica, wielded by a Wisp while in the Cephalon Weave

Wolf Sledge

Speaking of Nightwave, The Wolf Sledge from the first season of Nightwave is pretty damn cool. Sure, the Jat Kittag claims to be a rocket-powered hammer. So does the Kuva Shildeg. But those are only rocket-powered while in your hand. The Wolf Sledge is rocket-powered all the time, especially when you throw it. Yes, for some reason, you can throw the Wolf Sledge. A massive hammer you can throw, and it returns to you like a boomerang. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

The only downside is that the Wolf Sledge is hard to get. The Wolf is stupidly rare (I have not seen him since he left after his Nightwave episode) and beacons are the only reliable way of summoning him. Even then, the chances of him dropping a part are stupidly low. Better off buying a set from a luckier person.


All gunblades are amazing. And, honestly, the Sarpa is actually the weakest of the Gunblades. But Sapra is unique because it can use Shattering Impact at a distance. Shattering Impact is even more unique because it can reduce armor on some enemies. The catch is that you need to do Impact damage to proc the mod. But the Sarpa’s gunblade bullet also does impact damage, so you can use Shattering Impact at a distance. This allows you to hit enemies that would normally be too far away

Really though, the other gunblades, Redeemer, Redeemer Prime and Stropha, are all amazing as well, and definitely worth trying.

Zaws with Exodia Contagion

While Exodia Contagion has always been strong, it’s always been a rather hidden Arcane. Originally released in Plague Star, its effectiveness didn’t properly surface until Operation Scarlet Spear. During said Operation, Limbo players took advantage of the high damage projectiles to kill Condrix while in the Rift. This was patched after Scarlet Spear, and Exodia Contagion was stealth-nerfed a little afterwards, but the arcane is still delightfully strong.

By double-jumping or bullet-jumping and then attacking while in midair, you release a projectile that does… well, to put it nicely, lots of damage. The projectile actually has a pretty forgivable explosive radius, but hitting dead on does by far the most damage.

Nidus with a Plague Zaw
Nidus with a Plague Zaw in the Cambion Drift


The Xoris is yet another quest weapon, but it’s one of the easiest ones to get by far. All you need to do is complete the Deadlock Protocol, and the Xoris is completed after a simple Spy mission.

Stats-wise, the Xoris isn’t that amazing. But it does have an infinite combo duration. This means your combo meter never runs out, so you can easily get it to a x12 combo. And pretty much everything is cool at a x12 combo. Unfortunately, the ability to combine the combo with stat stick abilities like Khora’s Whip Claw was removed. But the Xoris is still a solid weapon.

And there we have it, five more cool melee weapons. If you’re wondering about the original five cool melee weapons, then check out this article here!


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