Nightwave Intermission 3 is here! How long will it last?

After the slog that was Glassmaker finally ended, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Glassmaker, while being a good idea on the surface, dragged on and consisted of the most annoying content to date. When it finally left at the end of January 2021, Glassmaker had been around for 8 months!

While we’re all sick of Nightwave, we still need a way to get Nitain Extract, alternate helmets and Vauban parts. So now we have Nightwave Intermission 3.

Nightwave Intermission 3 Menu

No story, just tasks.

There’s no story behind this intermission. Just like previous intermissions, there’s still a reward path, but no story locked behind it, no cut scenes or anything. Granted, the cut scenes were basically only there for flavour, but they were the better part of Nightwaves because they didn’t get in your way.

We’re getting new tasks as well. In fact, we started off with one: complete an Isolation Vault on Deimos.

No new rewards either.

All of the rewards for this Intermission are either common gear or repeats from previous Nightwaves. The majority of repeat items are actually from the Emissary, notably the Spore Ephemera and the Emissary Operator suit. What’s also interesting however is that the cool Ayatan from Orphix Venom is returning as a reward as well.

Other rewards are big bundles of Nightwave credits (the first level alone gives you 150), the occasional mod or forma and a few other bits and pieces. This time though we have not one but two Umbral Forma at the end. Other notable rewards include a Weapon Exilus Adapter, weapon slots very early on and a Kitgun riven.

However the Saturn Six armour and Syandana haven’t made a reappearance, which is unfortunate.

Nightwave Credits instead of repeats

For those of us who were present for previous Nightwaves, at least this time we’re not getting nothing? Rather than getting a repeat Nightwave item (namely the cosmetics), we get 50 Nightwave Intermission Credits. It’s better than nothing at all, but it does feel a little weak. Rather than it being a flat 50, maybe the amounts could have varied. After all, the Emissary suit is a high end, high tier reward. Doesn’t feel like it’s worth 50 Nightwave credits.

There’s also one last thing missing from this Nightwave. The ability to get the Vitrica. And while it’s easy to say that “lol Glassmaker lasted 8 months how did you not get it?” some people do take long breaks from Warframe. Sure, Glassmaker was around for 8 months, but it’s very possible to have taken a break 8 months ago and only returned yesterday. Apparently, a way to get the Vitrica and the bottled Orokin is coming back soon. How soon that is, however, I have no idea.

Which brings us onto an important question:

How long will the intermission last?

DE have promised that this Intermission won’t last forever, and that the next episodes will be shorter. They’ve even said that the next Nightwave will feature the New War. I suppose at least they’re admitting that this dragged on for far too long but, well, they kinda said the same about Intermission 2. That dragged on for ages as well.

I suppose, on the plus side, at least there’s no rush when it comes to completing this Intermission. Most of the other Nightwaves have lasted a long time, so this intermission will as well…


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