A Mediocre Suggestion on Kitguns

Kitguns are build-your own weapons originally sold by Rude Zuud in Fortuna, but also sold by Father on Deimos. The idea is simple: Buy the parts, build them then put them together to make a gun. You can mix and match parts, balancing damage, fire rate, ammo and status/critical chance based on what you use. Different Kitguns can be used in different ways, and can be built both as secondary weapons and primary weapons. But Kitguns tend to eat more resources and need a lot more work compared to normal weapons, so you can’t just build them and use them as you please.

A Rattleguts Kitgun
A Rattleguts Kitgun

Plan your Kitgun in advance

Before you do or buy anything, go to Rude Zuud or Father and preview your Kitgun. Even if you own no Kitgun parts at all, you can preview all the different parts and put together a gun. Once you’ve selected 3 parts to preview, you can see the gun’s stats on the right of your screen. This isn’t enough though. You also need to preview the gilded stats, because these are the stats your gun will have once you can start properly forma-ing and modding it.

It’s important to make sure you buy all the right parts, because you can’t take apart a Kitgun once you’ve put it together. If you buy the wrong blueprint and use it in your gun, that’s it, it’s gone forever. You’ll have to build another. And Kitguns can require a lot of parts from all over the solar system, so wasting your mining and fishing resources can suck.

That being said, it can be worth building a super cheap Kitgun first. Because you might see a fancy Catchmoon murdering people and think it’s cool. But you might build a Catchmoon and realize you hate its slow firing rate and lack of range.

Avoid Primary Kitguns

Unfortunately, the best Kitguns are by far the secondary variants. This isn’t because the stats are better or worse between them. If anything, the stats are pretty similar. But secondary Kitguns have access to way more powerful secondary mods. The key mods here are the critical chance and critical damage mods, which both 1. have prime variants and 2. go to 240%. Point Strike, the critical chance mod for rifles, only goes up to 90%.

There are also other, better mods. Pistols have both Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion, which give you 180% multishot, but Lethal Torrent also gives a damn good 60% fire rate too. Augur Pact is a common, low capacity mod that gives +90% damage and even base Hornet Strike is stronger than Serration, with +220% damage compared to +165% damage.

These do come at a bit of a cost though. While secondary mods overall are stronger, they leave less room for changing things around and require more Forma. And since all Kitguns start off with only one polarity, that means they need a lot more Forma to be strong. On the plus side, at least you can choose what polarity you start with on a freshly gilded Kitgun.

Avoid buying Rivens for Kitguns

Kitgun Riven Mods are not particularly worth it. Between their very low dispositions and the number of forma you need, buying a good Riven is not worth the hassle. While, originally, all Kitguns started at a 3/5 disposition, most of them have dropped down to a 1/5 or even less.

More importantly though, it’s actually quite easy to get the riven you want. Sure, the stats are random, but there are only 6 kinds of Kitgun. So if you REALLY want a Kitgun Riven, it can sometimes be cheaper to just buy unveiled rivens and open them up yourself.

So what actually are the best Kitguns?

This is actually hard to answer, because all Kitguns are good. But they’re good at different things. Ideally though, you want as much critical chance as possible. You can also build for status, but it’s very much a one-or-the-other sort of thing. Only the Infested kitgun parts can get away with both and that’s because they have additional base elements on them. Focusing on one or the other though makes whatever one you pick far more potent. I’d also kinda recommend going for the AOE weapons. Both Infested Kitguns, Gaze and Catchmoon are all capable of hitting multiple enemies. Catchmoon in particular, combined with a little punch-through, can go a crazy long way as a short-ranged blast of death.

But since you have to build one of each for mastery anyway, I’d recommend giving them all a try.


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