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When I was a noob, Roselia was the bane of my existence. It was the most common grass spawn around and Roselia is the first and pretty much only raid I failed to beat. Mostly because I was level 6 and had no fire types at all except for one wild 1000CP Houndoom. Also, apparently, I was such a noob back then that I also missed not only an Eevee community day but Roselia’s shiny release. During the initial release of shiny Roselia, the chances were boosted to almost community day levels. However, I never even noticed. In fact, I only got a shiny Roselia by chance, months and months later.

This is why I’m quite happy with a proper community day for the rose Pokemon.

A shiny Roselia in the grass
A shiny Roselia in the grass

There’s lots of benefits to a Roselia Community Day.

Roselia is a great shiny, and it’s also actually a useful Pokemon! Shiny Roselia has one blue rose and one black rose, rather than one red and one blue. Roserade keeps the theme and both look awesome. On the downside, they are a little tricky to catch, especially in clear and cloudy weather. That being said, Roselia’s natural CP actually goes pretty high. I found multiple cp1600 Roselias in clear weather.

While Roselia’s evolution, Roserade, isn’t the most mind-blowing Pokemon for PvP, it does have multiple uses. You can use it in PvP as a grass attacker or a more niche anti-meta counter. Grass counters many of the lower leagues’ strong Water types, while Poison does help keep the omnipresent Fairy types in line. That being said, the most common one, Togekiss, is Flying/Fairy, a weird counter to Roserade’s Grass/Poison.

However, for PvE, Roserade is a great budget grass type! Between its high damage and high CP, you can easily find a bunch of Roselias to evolve. And since they are a second stage, you only need 100 candy to evolve them compared to 125 for a Bulbasaur or something.

Or rather, it used to be. Roselia basically stopped spawning after the Season of Celebration started.

The Community Day moves are curious and PVP-orientated.

Interestingly, Roserade actually gets TWO community day moves! Weather Ball (fire), the community day charge attack, is a spammy attack that Roserade can spam to break shields. Being the Fire version though, Roserade doesn’t get STAB or anything on it. The fast move however, Bullet Seed isn’t quite as damaging as Razor Leaf, but it generates more energy more quickly. So you’re swapping damage for more charge attacks.

Sure, these moves aren’t amazing, but they do offer a multitude of play styles, which a lot of Pokemon lack. However Weather Ball seems less useful, aside from other Grass types.

Budew in 2 KM eggs though solves this problem, kinda.

On the plus side, at least you can give Budew a second move for 10k stardust and 25 candies. And, thankfully, it seems to be the only thing hatching from 2km eggs caught during the event. That being said, I got 3 5km eggs and a 10km egg during the community day. Good thing it was 1/4 hatch distance, otherwise I would have been genuinely pissed.

That being said, you only need 3 Roserades total for PvP. One for each league. After that, you can save all your other Roserades and evolve them for PvE. Sure, you need Sinnoh stones as well, but they are easier to come by these days.

Sure, Roselia Community Day was never going to be anywhere near as good as a Beldum or starter Community Day. But at least it’s a Pokemon that has some use. And its PvP moves aren’t awful either.

Looking at you, Abra.


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One thought on “Roselia Community Day

  • February 8, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    Glad they’re choosing useful Pokemon for Community Days again. I’ve already got a lvl40 shiny 100% Roselia so I didn’t really need any others, but it’s definitely a solid grass type everyone should have easy access to.


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