5 Basically Nude Warframes Who Look Like People In Latex Suits

There are a large number of different body types in Warframe. From the lithe Octavia to the chunky Grendel, there’s something for everyone. But some Warframes are much more… nude than others. They are not much more than human-shaped suits with fancy helmets. And, with the right colors, these frames can look awfully sexy. To the point that they’re basically just people in latex suits.

Shall we have a look at some of these… more scandalous frames? Of course we will!


Honestly, Wisp is more “completely nude barbie doll” than “sexy person in latex suit”. Her whole body is basically naked and one single colour. You could easily call her something akin to a Monster High doll, with skinny long limbs and a not particularly round chest, but no feet at all. All that being said, Wisp has an amazing butt. While her default helmet obscures it completely, the various Tennogen skins showcase that ass in all its glory. The alternate Gaoth helm is alright but if you want maximum ass, then Tennogen is better.

Wisp is basically all butt.
Wisp is basically all butt.


Ember is very much just a person in a suit. Aside from the flaming head
Ember is very much just a person in a suit. Aside from the flaming head.

Funnily enough here, Ember Prime’s skin is more of a latex suit that shows no skin at all. It’s less armored than her normal skin, but it’s mostly just one colour. Ember’s Immortal skin however, when you use the right channels, actually shows a lot of thigh and hip. As a bonus, the immortal skin also uses Ember Prime’s model rather than the normal version. But there is a downside: the color channels do not play nicely.


The most infamous way of showing skin.
The most infamous way of showing skin.

Nova is really the poster child for this… topic. While Mag is very much a person in a rubber suit, Nova is a latex suit that us much more form-fitting. But on top of that, her Tennogen skins are much more like human clothing. Between a skin that looks like a rubber suit and a flight attendant skin, Nova has a lot to choose from.

But Nova has more tricks up her sleeve. She’s more humanoid all-round. Okay, sure, she doesn’t have two large breasts the way Saryn does, but she has a more human figure, as well as better proportions. Meaning Nova can get away with a lot more. Out of all the frames here, Nova really IS a sexy human in a body suit, with no knobbly bits or attachments to deal with. Meanwhile, bustier and thicker frames like Saryn and Khora have lots of attachments you have to work around.

Mirage Prime

Mirage Prime is a more elegant show of skin
Mirage Prime is a more elegant show of skin

The original Trickster Warframe is quite an unusual one, with weirdly shaped knee plates and probably too many lumps. Mirage Prime on the other hand is a shimmering beauty with lots of shapely ‘skin’ on show. You get some belly, some butt cheeks and some rather normal body parts. But Mirage also benefits from having a more human shape as well.

Really, the only problem with sexy Mirage is that the color channels on her face are reversed. The mask area takes the same color channel that her skin areas take, while the area around her eyes take the same channel as her clothes. It’s not too bad though, because Mirage, unlike most frames, actually has a visible, almost human pair of eyes.

Mesa Prime

A nice butt on a Mesa Prime
A nice butt on a Mesa Prime

While Mirage Prime can show plenty of ‘skin’, Mesa Prime takes it all to a whole new level. She has ass-less chaps. Like, her ass is sticking out right there, and there’s only a thin line covering her ass crack. She’s wearing not just a latex, but an entire latex cowboy suit.

There’s no real sexy males in latex suits though.

The downside to all of this is that it’s very female-only. There ARE sexy male frames, but they’re not naked levels of sexy. Even frames like Nezha with the Empyrean skin are still rather covered up.

Then again, being naked is considered vastly different between the genders…


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