IKEAFrame in your Ship is a whole different can of worms…

I’ve chatted about IKEAFrame before, but mostly for clan dojos. IKEAFrame is a silly name for all the decorating you can do in your private spaces in Warframe. Clan dojos offer vast amounts of space which you can freely decorate. And by decorate, that means painstakingly placing every single item, one at a time. But then you have to painstakingly fund every single item you place.

It can take a long time, but, ideally, dojo decorating only costs time. Everything needs to be paid for using in-game resources. But since you are collecting these over time, the grind isn’t too bad.

Decorating your personal ship is a more expensive experience.

Orbiter decorations generally come in three forms: stuff you buy with platinum; stuff given away for free in exchange for other in-game items; or quest rewards. Quest rewards you can normally only obtain once, so it’s kinda limited

There’s another downside as well. Sure, you don’t need to fund Orbiter decorations, but you lack a lot of freedom as well. Your orbiter is a small place and doesn’t have that much room in it. At the same time, any orbiter decorations you get can’t be scaled in any way. Everything is one size and that’s it. Combined with a smaller capacity per room, you need to work extra hard with Orbiter IKEAFrame.

Okay, sure, some stuff has been given away for free.

That being said, if you play for a long time, you can slowly build up a repertoire of luxury Orbiter decorations. Watching Dev Streams is a great way to get premium items for free, but this stuff can come from anywhere. And be anything. That being said, lately, it’s mostly just flat surfaces. Prex Cards, Gylphs and Posters are common Twitch Stream drops, and, while they are nice, they’re generally rather two-dimensional.

We also have plenty of one-off decorations, that are very nice, but, uh, are limited to one. I’ll be honest, I’d love to use the Oubliette from Glassmaker as pillars across my ship, but you can only obtain one.

My humble abode in Warframe
My humble abode in Warframe

Building Components.

The bigger difference though is that the ‘standard building block shapes’ aren’t as readily available. If you want something that covers up a large amount of space, you tend to have to pay Platinum for it.

As it stands, the only large, easily available items are things like the Solaris United decorations, available from Ticker. But these can be expensive as well, as they can require random debt bonds. What may cost only a handful of low-tier debt bonds may cost familial or medical ones a day later. The same goes for the Entrati items – many of these cost Grandmother tokens, which are insanely valuable. Ayatan Sculptures are also an option, but they’re completely random: either as a Sortie reward, Arbitration reward or just randomly in missions. You can trade them, but then you might as well just spend platinum.

Floofs are another option, but these do take plenty of time to obtain. And you can’t really build that much with them. You can however make lovely piles of cute, stuffed animals!

There’s still cool stuff to build.

The differences in building components though has done little to turn away IKEAFrame enthusiasts. People who focus on ship decorating over dojo decorating just build different things. Some people do go for the whole “making a ship into an actual home” sort of thing. But a lot of people end up building cool stuff out of the most common parts: Ayatan Sculptures.

And what people build from these is… pretty much anything, I guess. But Ayatan Golems and other larger sculptures tend to be the most common. I’ve seen golems, animals and even motorbikes inside people’s ships. You just need to be a bit more inventive.

As for me, well, my ship’s kinda basic.

I haven’t done much for my home. I did used to have various bits and pieces, but these days, it’s mostly just noggles and articulas.

That being said, I have done a little IKEAFrame in my Orbiter. It’s just… not the normal type. I’ve been slowly decorating my Helminth room to not look like a horrible mess of infested goo.

Just build a wall in front of your Helminth and ignore it.
Just building a wall…

I like to think it’s going okay…


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