An MR4 Volt’s Little Adventure

The other night, I was playing Warframe. It was way past my bedtime, but I was in voice chat on one of the discord servers I frequent. Things were good, I was doing fissures. Two of the people I was chatting with jumped into Warframe too. One of them wanted to farm Khora. The other one had nothing better to do and neither did I. So we headed to Sanctuary Onslaught.

What happened next was a little… too wholesome.

For once, this is about a Volt that isn’t me.

Okay, sure, I was playing Volt at the time, but this tale is about a completely different Volt. A Small Volt. A Smolt, as the community tends to call them. Little did this Smolt know it, but he was about to get pampered. Of course, this all starts off in Sanctuary Onslaught. We were looking for Khora parts and were joined by an MR4 Volt. Immediately, all of us were like “wtf what is such a baby Volt doing here?”. We checked his profile and yes, he was a genuine newbie.

We were chatting in our Discord voice chat, but we were also typing in chat, asking about the Volt. The Volt had questions as well, one of which was “where can I get a good AOE weapon for my level”. He was using a Boltor, meaning he knew how to build weapons. We all recommended the Hek, a great Shotgun. As we continued slaughtering enemies, he asked questions and we dutifully answered.

A Little Tiny MR4 Volt
A Little Tiny MR4 Volt

To his credit, the guy was keeping up.

Sure, the little Volt wasn’t doing much damage. There wasn’t really space for him to do so. But he was bullet jumping around, being agile and not dying.

In fact, the only time he did die was because one of us had died to fix a bug. For some reason everything had gone monochrome for one of us, and he said that dying would solve the problem. The Smolt, being a Smolt, had the same problem and decided to try the fix. But the second he went down, the MR4 guy had three MR24+ players immediately charge at him to revive him.

This Smolt now had not one but three guardian angels.

After we finished the mission, getting a Khora Blueprint, we returned to our ships and started chatting with the guy. We asked the Smolt all sorts of questions, like how far he was in the star chart, if he knew who Clem was, what quests he had done. Apparently, he had just finished The New Strange, the quest where you scan Chroma. Smolt had done parts of Jupiter and was working on Europa, but he mentioned he was getting one-shot a lot.

So we explained to the guy how to link his mod config, and he showed us his current Volt build. It wasn’t bad, but he had a lot of flawed mods that weren’t doing him any good. He also didn’t have an aura mod or a potato and lacked a Redirection mod. Although, somewhat impressively, he DID have a rank 4 Blind Rage. How he got that, I have no idea.

Either way, this little Volt was about to be spoiled rotten.

We immediately took the guy to a dojo… only to discover that he didn’t have two-factor authentication enabled. Luckily, the guy caught on quick and managed to get it sorted in a couple of minutes. Once he got that working, he was invited back into our squad and we bombarded him with useful gear. After three trades, the Volt walked away with so many useful mods. And some weapon slots and a reactor for me.

Once the guy was properly kitted up, we then helped him with a few more missions that he had been struggling with. Not only did he get those missions done, but he also got a Khora Chassis blueprint.

“Like I’m dreaming!”

The little guy walked away from all of this unable to believe his eyes. He typed his thanks in chat, saying that this all seemed “like a dream”. Us three elder Tenno all fell quiet for a moment, then suggested that he work on quests. We waved goodbye, saying it was late, but added the Smolt as a friend, and said that if he ever needed help, to get in touch.

Silly little thing has no idea what he’s getting in to. But it’s moments like this that make Warframe’s community stand out. Sure, there are plenty of asshats out there. But there are also plenty of random guys out there, willing to help some random newbie for literally no reason what so ever…


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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