Three Thousand And One Posts

If memory serves, the first post I’ve came across from here was aabicus’s post on the Half-Zatoichi. Back then, I hadn’t enrolled in university. I remember reading an article a day on the bus to school.

3000 posts and 8 years later, we’ve reached 3001 posts on this site. This is largely thanks to Medic, who I believe is responsible for around 60% of all published posts. Writers come and go, the site changed from to, Steam Powered User Forums, the forum that this blog is born from, has been shut down. A YouTube channel, The SPUF of Legend, has been created. The blog has moved on from being a TF2 blog to a variety blog with a focus on games.

I went from a mere reader to being a contributor myself. I first started off writing about TF2 cosmetics, since I enjoy making cosmetic loadouts in-game almost as much as playing TF2 myself. As I wrote more and more, I started to branch out as well, talking about other games that I like, some opinions on the game industry, and even on a primitive little console that was a big part of my childhood. My most favourite post that I’ve written so far was the one on Loadout’s cosmetics system.

Despite the changes throughout the years though, this blog still feels the same. Just a bunch of people talking about things, with a different topic every day. I have read other gaming blogs and sites before, but none have the same feel as The Daily SPUF. And honestly, I much prefer the vibe here.

Now that The Daily SPUF has reached this new milestone, I just want to say that I’ve enjoy this site a lot, both as a reader and a writer. Having a place to express my views is always nice, and I enjoy reading the articles here. Fashionframe is really fascinating to me, even though I don’t play Warframe. I enjoyed aabicus’s series on Medical Necessity, as it is a glimpse into game development which is entirely foreign to me. One of my favourite series has to be Mod Showcase by brickinator, partly because I can’t find half of these in Southeast Asia where I live, and this is the only way I get to learn about them.

With heavier real-life obligations, I am no longer able to write as much as I did before. In fact, I can’t even play as much video games as I used to. And nowadays, the only game I find myself actually playing is Minecraft and Genshin Impact, the latter of which I’ll probably talk about in here when I figure out what I want to say about it. I am quite conflicted about Genshin, as it’s a gacha game and I despise that particular financial model. However, aside for that it is a rather lovely game.

As much as real life permits, I’ll try to write here as much as possible. After all, this is still the one site I come back to, always, for all these years.

Happy 3001 posts, you wonderful place.

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