Genshin Impact – The End

I’ve went through what Genshin Impact is, and the good and bad of this game.

Genshin is a game I like and enjoy a lot. I have a group of friends that I play with regularly, and I am in a Discord group with like-minded people. There is always something to do, and something to look forward to. The game itself is fun and enjoyable, and there’s always something to explore, try, and learn.

The team-of-4 mechanic is amazing, and trying to fit four characters into a team that works best together is like assembling a 4-piece 5-dimensional jigsaw puzzle at times. Working out a proper rotation, getting the proper build for the characters, and seeing the completed team absolutely wreck face is really satisfying, especially if you spent weeks building said team.

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And yes, you will spend a few weeks building a team, because the RNG loot drops and resin restrictions will ensure that you need all that time to get something that is just about useable. This, I feel, is the biggest downside of Genshin. If I want to make a new weapon combo for Soldier in TF2 for example, I just need to have the weapons, equip them, and jump into the game. I can even loan weapons from the shop if I don’t have it. If I want to try a new loadout in Paladins, I just need to equip the cards, set the levels, and jump into a match. If I want to try a new loadout for Genshin, I’ll need to level up them and their equipment first. By then, I would’ve had enough time to get my pilot’s license, fly all the way to Mihoyo’s office in China, and ask them to come up with something less grindy. Having the core mechanic of the game be hindered so badly by severely throttling the supply of resources needed just frustrates players.

I enjoy the game, but sometimes it just feels like the game is antagonizing me. Horrible loot drops, gacha misfortunes, and painful grinds are always in the way of me actually enjoying the game. And despite all that, I still log in every day to play because I enjoy the good of the game still. And now that I’ve typed that out it sounds almost like a toxic relationship.

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Genshin Impact is, at the end of the day, enjoyable depending on your personal tolerance level of nonsense. It’s a game that I simply do not know if I should recommend or not, or how. The best thing I can do, I suppose, is to lay out all the good and bad of the game for you to see, and let you decide if it is the game for you. I’ll love to recommend the game for its gameplay and general quality, but loathe to do so due to it being a gacha game and how anti-player it feels at times.

I myself will continue to play Genshin for quite some time. If you want to join in, just remember to only spend what you are comfortable with losing, because with gacha, there’s never a guarantee.

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