Please Let Us Keep the Dog Days Ephemera

When Dog Days came by last year, one of the biggest requests was that we needed the cute rubber rings as a cosmetic. There was also huge demand for the water gun as a weapon skin. Sadly our wishes were not granted, and Dog Days 2020 faded away. But in 2021, we got our wishes. For 490 Nakak Pearls, you could buy the weapon skin. And for one Nakak Pearl, the Dog Days Ephemera was ours to keep.

Except it’s not.

A Volt with the Dog Days Ephemera and Soak-a-tron rifle skin.
A Volt with the Dog Days Ephemera and Soak-a-tron rifle skin.

The Dog Days Ephemera will go away after Dog Days ends.

Why? I don’t know. For some reason, the fun holiday stuff always seems to be taken away. Despite being cute and adorable, we can’t have our rubber tube. Nor can we have our egg ephemera or jack-o-lantern head. And the Movember mustaches are temporary too, despite the fact you can barely see them. All of these items are made unavailable after their respective events end.

Okay, I kinda get the jack-o-lantern head, since it does really fuck with a Warframe’s silhouette. But the rest of these items aren’t that bad, right?

Holiday items are inconsistent.

However, not every holiday item is taken away from us. Holiday palettes in particular are yours to keep forever. The new Pride Palette, available for June as part of Pride Month, will disappear after June 30th. But we get to use its colours forever. The same applies to the Halloween palette from which I get my wonderful yellow colour.

Then there’s the Christmas stuff. The Solstice skins for Mirage, Frost and Titania are usable year-round, but that makes sense, you pay Platinum for those. However, there are lots of Solstice skins that are given away for free. There’s a Solstice skin in the Nightwave shop every other week. We also have the Day of the Dead gear, with skeletons and flowers all over everything. They’re all fine. Okay, to be fair, those are just skins. It’s only the textures on them that are different.

A Festive Frost wishes everyone happy holidays!
A Festive Frost wishes everyone happy holidays!

However the Candy Cane Scythe skin is also allowed year-round. As is the little elf hat ‘collar’ for Kubrows and the red-nose-reindeer skin. Surely these are just as offensive as a rubber ring Ephemera?

We’re allowed the giant-ass wings though!

Most of these holiday cosmetics are kinda fleeting. If you’re using the candy cane scythe skin, you don’t really see it. Either it’s unequipped when you use a gun, or you’re spinning and meleeing quickly and it’s just a blur.

But the Eros Wings Ephemera stand out like, well, a pair of wings. They’re big and bulky and very obvious. And, like any other good cosmetic, they can get in the way of one’s aim. The Eros wings were also introduced in a holiday event, based on Valentines Day. But, for reasons unknown, unlike the Dog Days Ephemera, the Eros wings are permanent.

This is really odd, because, out off all the in-game ephemera cosmetics currently, the Eros Wings are by far the most obvious. Only the Spore Ephemera (from Nightwave) and the Crania Ephemera (and its Wukong Prime Access variant) are anywhere close to as gaudy as the large pair of wings. Heck, many Syandanas are smaller than the Eros wings. So why does that get to stay, when the rubber ring doesn’t?

I guess we’ll never know. All we can do is hope that DE change their minds. For now though, I guess I’ll just enjoy my inflatable tube while I can.

A Volt enjoying the sunshine with his inflatable rubber ring
A Volt enjoying the sunshine with his inflatable rubber ring


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