Odd Pokemon I’d Like to See Community Days for in Pokemon GO

Community Days are always a lot of fun. After all, how can you not like 1/25 shiny chances and special moves? It’s true, not all Community Days are equal. But no matter the Pokemon, it’s still fun to catch some shinies. There used to be a rather strict pattern when it came to Community Days. However, in 2020, the pattern was changed, and it became open season. Even Pokemon who have shinies, like Machop, Gastly and even Gible, have had a chance. And this means ANY Pokemon could theoretically have a Community Day. Really, the only rule now is that the Pokemon evolves. But chances are, that rule can be ignored too.

So, with most Pokemon now having a chance to have a Community Day, I’m going to list the Pokemon I want Community Days for.


Honestly, I just really like Ponyta. There’s no move that could make either Galarian form of Rapidash any good. Their stats and typing just aren’t amazing, and there are Pokemon that just do better. That being said though, Ponyta and Rapidash have amazing shinies, for both their forms. Galarian Ponyta becomes a lemon and lime minty treat. Kanto Ponyta gets awesome blue flames. Really, that’s the reason why it should have a Community Day.

We have a problem though. Community Day tends to only spawn one type of Pokemon. And Niantic would probably pull some crap like “Galarian Ponyta is only in eggs and raids.” No, fuck that, give us both Ponytas at once. Or make it a Community Weekend or something.

This also applies to Zigzagoon. Although Galarian Zigzagoon isn’t quite as useless.

Some low-tier Legendary or Mythical Pokemon

By a ‘low tier legendary’, I mean something not particularly good. A Legendary Pokemon you’d probably never really use anyway. There’s a few Legendary Pokemon that already fit this criteria. Celebi is a great example, even if it’s a Mythical and we already got its shiny. I’d say that the Spirits of the Lake would work too. However Meltan is an even better choice. Sure, its shiny has already been released, but it already fits Community Day criteria. A small, cute Pokemon that evolves into something big and cool and has a special move.

Let’s be honest with ourselves though. Both Celebi and Meltan are too good. If this did happen, we’d probably end up with Heatran Community Day. That doesn’t bother me though, because I like Heatran.

A bunch of random Pokemon
A bunch of random Pokemon

Literally any dragon type.

We’ve got a few dragons who don’t have shinies yet, and a few that do but are insanely rare. Dragon types are always unnaturally rare anyway, so people always go ham on a dragon-type Community Day. It doesn’t even have to be a particularly good dragon. Noibat is completely useless, and is the Magikarp of its generation. But we’ve had Magikarp and Swablu as Community Days, so we might as well have Noibat too.

Of course, Deino and Axew would be way more impressive as Community Day candidates. But it doesn’t matter. Dragons matter. Heck, bring back Gible, Dratini and Bagon for a second go-around. EVERYONE likes dragon types.


Just imagine it. You see a shiny Pikachu. It turns into a shiny Ditto. You see a shiny Deino. It’s also a shiny Ditto. An unannounced Ditto Community Day would be the most amazing thing possible. Okay, sure, we did kinda pay for a shiny Ditto, but that Ditto felt like an afterthought. What we were really paying for was the shiny Mew quest, and the Ditto was an extra bonus shiny.

The real joy though would be Ditto being disguised as literally everything. You could have literally any Pokemon spawn during this event and have it turn into a Ditto. However, out of all the possibilities here, a shiny Ditto Community Day is probably the least likely.

Still, the rules have been broken, ever since we got Community Days like Magikarp, Gastly and Machop. So who knows what will happen?


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