The Wave Rider – A Tedious Quest

Well, I’m amazed. I actually didn’t think that a more tedious quest could exist. Previously, the most pain in the ass quest belonged to Nidus, a Warframe that kinda didn’t even appear in his own quest story. Before that, Limbo held the most pain in the ass title. Mostly because his quest consisted of nothing but Archwing mobile defense and then excavation.

Somehow though, the newest Warframe, Yareli, somehow has an even MORE tedious quest.


They’re not huge spoilers, because you just get told everything as you K-Drive around. But there are spoilers nonetheless

Yareli and the Waverider quest
Yareli and the Waverider quest


Look, I get it. Yareli has a K-Drive as part of her kit. It would have been weird if Yareli’s quest didn’t have some K-Drive stuff. After all, thematically, it makes sense. But the Waverider quest is literally nothing but K-Drive.

You speak to the kid. Then you head to the Orb Vallis to do 5 tasks. After that, you go back to the orbiter. Then the kid tells you to go back to the Orb Vallis to do more K-Drive tasks. You do this FIVE TIMES! Back and forth and back and forth. None of the tasks even really change. You have to score X amount in a race, do Y tricks and get a score of Z amount.

It’s not fun. It’s tedious and boring. If you’re not an idiot like me, you can probably finish it in like 20 minutes. Took me an hour, but mostly because of the x10 combo task. But that is all this quest is, doing tricks and K-Drive stuff. I kinda expected maybe having to do a special race, or maybe doing tricks off Exploiter Orb or something like that. But no, it’s just a list of trick-based tasks.

Somehow, the contents of this quest paled in comparison to the Call of the Tempestarii quest. But at least in that, it all flows together in one continuous mission, and you feel like you are doing something. The Waverider quest is a checklist of tasks, which you complete to hear some more dialogue.

At least there is a happy ending.

I was about to say that “I don’t think DE would kill a kid in Warframe”. But I’m wrong. They killed a kid in Chains of Harrow. I suppose this time is different because the two kids are 100% actually kids. Nef Anyo gets screwed over, as he deserves, the ill kid wakes up and Grandmother gets her comic book. That being said, the second that Nef Anyo mentioned Deimos, I instantly knew that Grandmother (from the Entrati family) was involved. I mean, she’s literally the only other person in the solar system who cares about K-Drives. So it wasn’t a particularly good twist.

Annoyingly though, none of this actually makes any sense. Granny comes in and deus ex machina’s the fuck out of everything. Despite Roky’s injuries being towards her augments, Grandmother gives them a magic elixir to fix her. AND Grandmother buys a controlling share of Fortuna’s vents so the kids can live rent-free. Which completely defeats the theme of Fortuna overall. If Grandmother can do that, why can’t we?

Still, it’s a happy ending, and probably the only good thing about the quest, aside from the comic art. The comic was pretty cool, but I do feel it would have been better as a Leverian entry or something.

But there’s even more bullshit afoot.

If you’re good with a K-Drive, then the tasks shouldn’t take too long. The fact that you have to go back and forth between your ship and the Orb Vallis is tiresome, But, again, if you have a decent PC, then it won’t take long.

However, the Waverider quest is only part of the puzzle. For reasons unknown, Yareli’s components are in a weird place. To get the rest of Yareli, you need to build a new room in your clan’s dojo. This takes 24 hours. Then you have to research the three components: Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems. Those components require 3 days to be researched. Once you have them, you need the standard 12 hours for components and 3 days for the Warframe itself.

Okay, sure, you can argue this is the same for clan-based Warframes. After all, you need to research Volt, Banshee and company before you can build them. But they all share the same lab AND they don’t have a boring quest tied to them!

It’s all so tedious.

Fucking hell. They REALLY want us to buy her with platinum. All of this SHOULD have been a Leverian codex entry, at the very least it’d tell the story better and uninterrupted.

I like to think that maybe I’m burnt out from Warframe. But ticking a bunch of boxes just isn’t very fun. And I’ve got a HUGE wait until I can actually try out the new Warframe.


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