Legendary 1 or Mastery Rank 31

With the Sisters of Parvos update, we received a big chunk of new Mastery. Between the new Tennet weapons, three new Kuva weapons and a Warframe, we’ve been able to make huge gains. In fact, we got enough mastery to go past Mastery Rank 30.

So now we have a new rank, with a new Mastery Test and more benefits. And, if you had everything leveled up prior to the Sisters of Parvos update, then there is plenty of new gear to master.

Legendary 1 or MR31?

Technically, this new Mastery Rank is MR31. But in-game, the new rank is called Legendary 1. It’s supposed to make it seem more important. After all, what do you name a rank after “True Master”? True Master suggests that there’s no further progress to be made. Legendary 1 at least kinda sounds cool. But at the same time, Legendary 1 seems a little weird too. It doesn’t sound as impressive as it should be. After all, we’re surpassing the title of True Master, and we’re still going.

Even the icon is kinda weird. The True Master symbol is big and fancy and gold. The Legendary 1 symbol is pretty plain, and the weird diamond icon sits awkwardly to one side. But, to make matters worse, the icon for Legendary 1 is bronze in colour and could easily be mistaken for Mastery Rank 1. In fact, I had someone asking me earlier how an MR1 person was using a Kuva Zarr.

Honestly? I would have preferred it that all Legendary ranks were gold. Because now I’ll have to wait for MR33 to come out, to get back my gold emblem.

The bonuses are small.

For going past True Master, I’m actually pretty surprised how basic the rewards are. You get your normal extra daily standing and Void Traces, 500 for standing and 50 for Void Traces. But you don’t get the extra mod capacity like you do for normal ranks. There’s also the extra 5000 daily focus limit, but I haven’t really farmed for Focus in ages.

I assume the best thing is the free Legendary Core, but, well, it makes no sense. Most MR30 people who are reaching Legendary 1 probably have most of their gear maxed out. We could have gotten something else here, maybe an Umbral Forma or a riven mod. I find it rather strange that the rank immediately after True Master has such lackluster rewards.

The MR test was easy at least.

In fact, the test was pretty much the same as the original Mastery Rank 1 test. All you had to do was shoot enemies. The big difference however is that you’re fighting Orb Vallis enemies that start at level 80. No abilities are allowed, but gear items are. Space Kid is also disabled in the MR31 test.

Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t at all stressful. The MR30 test stressed me out quite a bit. However, the Legendary 1 test was simple enough that I only did one practice run. All I did was jump around with my Kuva Bramma, which was pretty damn fun.

As for how long it will take to reach Legendary 2? I have no idea. But fingers crossed that its test will be identical to the MR2 test, with secondaries only…


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