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Listen Up Maggots

Listen up, maggots! It’s your friendly no-fun tech admin Commander here.

Recently we switched to a brand new blog theme, complete with author boxes letting you know whether or not the guy who’s writing is qualified to write on whatever they’re blabbering about. Of course, we already had a way to display the authors on each article, so we had to go and do complicated things in order to make sure we only display the info we need to. Unfortunately, that caused even more complications with adding descriptions for those of you who submit articles via a staff member.

In short, we can’t afford to spend our time working around the issues anymore, and it’s really not worth the trouble. Therefore, we are removing the option for you to give your articles to a staff member for publication and are requiring you to submit them via the website. It’s plenty easy – you log in with your Steam account and bam, you’re done. This change will soon become retroactive, as soon as we can contact the authors of articles before the change to get them to sign up.

Also, a few other announcements while I’m monopolizing your time here, somewhat related. First, if you’ve written an article for the blog, search for it and make sure it’s attributed to you! If not, we have a problem – contact a staff member to get it fixed. Second, if your blog username is bad because your Steam username didn’t translate well to WordPress, contact me to get it fixed.

I think that’s all for now – if anyone has any questions, they can always ask. Dismissed.

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