The TF2 Server is Live!

The server is up! Image by gen. DeGroot
The server is up! Image by gen. DeGroot

After a bit of brief downtime, I am proud to announce the third iteration of the SPUFServer!


We’re going back to the basics, and rebuilding from the ground up.  A few important things about the move:

  • The address is still the same-
  • We are quickplay enabled- no more waiting in an empty server
  • The server is now based in Atlanta.
  • Central control of the server has been moved to myself, binarycoder. bow before your new overlord! We are also working to incorporate more active server and community members into our admin team. Be on your best behavior, more info about that soon.


Lets make this the most successful version of the server yet!


(SPUF Thread)

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