January 23rd – January 30th

A new map?
A new map?

A fairly exciting week, this week, on 25th January, saw the addition of everyone’s completely forgotten favourite CTF map, CTF_Well, as well as some particle optimizations and a few bug fixes, particularly on Gravelpit. It took a very long time though for some very simple things, such as Medics getting a percentage on their Ubercharge meters. This wasn’t added until January 28th in 2009! Also added were the update progress and the level of an Engineer’s buildings in their HUD.

2010 saw the end of the WAR! update, with prizes being given out to the Propaganda contest winners. Also added were three amazing all-class hats, the Towering Pillar of Hats, the Noble Amassment of Hats and the Modest Pile of Hat. These were made craftable in an update the day after. Also fixed in this patch was the ability for Snipers to fire though gates.

On January 24th 2011, the Scout was given a new bodygroup, the shoes/socks group, which allows Scout to have misc items for, well, his shoes and socks. This was just in time for some new promo items for Monday Night Combat. Crita-Cola was also added to the drop list.

2012 wasn’t as interesting a week though, fixing the bug which made Megahealing Scouts a pain for Medics and adding a new item for Demoman, the Aladdin’s Private Reserve. A small patch on the same day corrected a typo in that name, from Alladin to Aladdin.

Finally, on January 24th 2013, Raw Mouse Input was added for all those playing TF2 on Linux and all the lovely hats added over Christmas were now craftable, and the Rescue Ranger was now usable as a crafting ingredient. A couple of hats were also updates, notably the Menpo, which is now paintable. The day after, the Robot Chicken Hat was made tradable and giftable, after a huge wait.


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