Why you should visit the Unofficial SPUF Server

I don't really know what this has to do with the SPUF server, but Hydro makes a change.
I don’t really know what this has to do with the SPUF server, but Hydro makes a change.

So, the night before this article was written, (since we don’t publish articles immediately) everyone jumped onto the SPUF server and had a whale of a time. We had all sorts of fun and it was nice. It turns out, all we have to do is throw a couple of people in there and it’s lovely. I’m going to tell you why we should visit the SPUF server more often.

The first reason is simple. It’s in Quickplay. Of course, the old SPUF standard server used to be in the old  Quickplay, but the old Quickplay was grumpy and horrible. The new Quickplay is better. That means that all it takes is a couple of people to pop in, and soon the server will be filled with players. Hopefully.

The second reason is much better. The SPUF server has no random critical hits. That way, you won’t be infuriated by that Half Zatoichi Soldier killing you with an unfair little critical hit before running away at full health, leaving you with no clue as to how close you were to killing him. The Random Critical Hits argument comes up all the time, and the SPUF server is here to make everyone happy.

The third reason isn’t always a plus for some. While micspam (i.e. playing amusing music to your friends on the server) is allowed, what’s better is that the SPUF server has a lovely plugin designed to make muting people a piece of piss. All you have to do is type /sm and their name and poof, they’re muted. Nice and easy, right?

A fourth reason to visit is because the SPUF server has all the necessary plugins and options to make sure gameplay is as smooth as possible. The server has SMAC, which helps get rid of hackers before you even know they’re there, and votes are enabled so you can change maps and all that. The maps included are mostly official maps, but if there’s enough support, I’m sure the most popular custom maps will be added.

There’s still more reasons though. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the skill level of the server. Most people from SPUF are, well, not veterans, but at least they know how Team Fortress 2 works. You won’t find hordes of useless Spies or ‘buttplug’ Medics healing a single Heavy here. Classes are balanced out well, people know where the control point is, some use their microphones for more than annoying sounds and curse words and things actually happen. Well, unless it’s for some kind of event, but events are fun too. The SPUF server has been the host for all sorts of events, such as the Bows and Arrows war, the Guillotine Games, Gunslingers VS Highlanders and even a few rounds of Ready, Steady, Pan!

Finally, probably the best reason to visit the SPUF server is because everyone is SO FRIENDLY! While the Steam Powered User Forums are normally swimming in arguments, hatred and assumptions about one’s skill, all this hatred disappears once you enter the server. There’s always going to be a friendly rivalry or two or three, but overall, the atmosphere is friendly and always willing to help. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to shoot well-known Spuffers through the head or blow them up with rockets or maybe even heal them. The SPUF server is simply a great place to be.

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