What’s In Your TF>Custom Folder?

This will be a general survey to see what y’all keep in your TF>Custom folder in the way of mods, skins, scripts, or whatnot. Screenshots are encouraged!

Medic: I feel bad. I don’t have much in my custom folder at all. I have a custom hitsound, but it’s just a simple ding noise. I do have 3Fort’s SPUF hat as a reskin for the Proof of Purchase. I do love that hat and it’s one of the few I wear often, apart from my unusual. I only have it as a reskin for Medic’s Proof of Purchase recently, I’m not sure why. I’ve still got the VPK file for the Bill’s Hat version but I don’t own a Bill’s Hat. The Balloonicorn uses a reskin that I personally made, turning it into the Raccoonicorn. I can’t model though so it’s just a crappy re-texture. Finally, I use the Solemn Spy as a replacement for the Solemn Vow. Only downside to this is that it’s terrifying when you get the Solemn Vow as Sniper in Randomizer.

I used to have the Pop it Don’t Drop It taunt, but I temporarily removed it because it affects Killstreak effects.

My custom stuff.


aabicus: Nothing. Yes, I know I suck.

I’m serious, I have not modded or customized TF2 one jot. This wasn’t really a personal preference or anything; I just don’t really think that way, and am aware this is a flaw. I enjoy hearing about the loony things others do with their customs but personally I don’t even know how to do that stuff. It’s really just me being lazy for the past 4 years, not willing to put in the time to figure out how to do all that. Other things I’ve never learned how to do are add a map into TF2 without playing it on a server, install a custom HUD, make my own TF2 items, or improve my performance in any way like Chris’ config or interp. I learned how to add a spray just long enough to write this article, and I haven’t even changed the “Sentry ahead” spray since then.

Update August 2014: I finally installed my first custom thing, this AK-47 that replaces the SMG!

This extends to SPUF too; I was a 5-star user before I learned how to check my rep on the control panel. Apparently I’m not very attentive about exploring options any further than 1 degree away from basic. The day somebody decides to sit down and walk me through all this crap one baby step at a time, I’ll love them. I bet it’d make my TF2 twice as fun. But I’m never going to find the time to do it myself.

On the other hand, I have random critical posts installed on SPUF! Get them yourself from this thread. Be warned: Trebel appears to be immune to critical posts.


iGamr: This question made me feel unbelievably boring… The only things I use are a 32-player scoreboard (invaluable) and FrankenHUD (which you should definitely try). As well-done as some custom models and skins are, I prefer to know that what I’m seeing is what everybody else is seeing, hence why I don’t really go beyond modifying the HUD.

Not much to see here…

I also put together my own personal logo(s) to use for spraying purposes, complete with transparent backgrounds.

I went the extra mile to create variants for my alternate holiday-themed names/pictures. It’s not all about Soldier loadouts, y’know.

I also ALSO have some command-related things in the config folder’s autoexec, but it’s nothing special. It mainly consists of:

  • A bind/script I made for equipping and firing Soldier banners
  • A bind so I can hold a key down to check my net_graph info (mainly for ping, since the scoreboard ping meter is kind of garbage), some commands that pitch-shift the on-hit sound based on damage (“tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg #” and “tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg #”)
  • A command that enables different impact effects (cl_new_impact_effects 1)
  • A command that enables burning gibs (cl_burninggibs 1)
  • A command that disables level-of-detail models so they always render at their highest quality (r_lod 0)

So I guess, if nothing else, I’ve taught some of you some semi-interesting console commands.

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