Helpful things you probably already know about SPUF

You’d think that, being someone with over 10000 posts on SPUF, people like me and aabicus would know all the ins and outs of a forum like SPUF. Except we don’t. For ages, we didn’t know how you find out who gave you rep and stuff like that. So here are some lovely little tips for you so you don’t get as confused as us.

Editing the title of your thread
What’s that? Made a typo in the title of your thread? Tried editing it in the Edit Post section but it didn’t work? There’s a solution! Yes, seriously. Turns out, double-clicking on the title of a thread you make allows you to change it… briefly. You get the box to type in text but it will go to that page. Solution: hold control as you double-click. The thread opens in a new tab and you get to keep your text box to make changes. Doesn’t seem to work in all forums though, as I tried it in the TFC sub-forum and nothing happened.

Don’t believe me? Proof!


Viewing recent amounts of given rep
This is a fairly easy one to remember, but not everyone knows this. You can view who game you rep recently, when they gave it to you and in what thread it was given to you. You can do this by visiting the User CP and scrolling down, beneath Subscribed Threads. It only shows you the last five blessings of rep, but at least you’ve got some idea where it’s coming from.


Viewing rep given on a single post
You know when people give you rep, they’ve got the option to add a comment, right? You can read those comments! Yes, really, they don’t just disappear into the ether or something. You can’t see these comments in the Recent Reputation section for some odd reason, but you CAN see it on posts you’ve made that have showered you in reputation. Simply click on the Rep button for your own posts and it’ll show you any comments that have been made.


The above example is this post by aabicus, in case you were wondering.

Viewing who has posted the most in a thread
Not as useful as seeing rep but still handy nonetheless is the ability to see who’s posted most in a thread. This also allows you to see who’s got the least life and who spends the most time in their basement. Not really. Simply click on the number of posts and a lovely window pops up showing everyone who posted the most to the least. Very useful on huge threads like itsurblog and stuff like that.


The report button
I shouldn’t have to mention the report button, but sometimes we do need to use it more. Quite often I’ll see people start off arguing nicely, only for it to spiral down into needless insults, pinkhearts and references to evil people. This is what the report button is for. Alright, half the time, it won’t seem like anything happens, but it helps the moderators see things that need dealing with. Alternatively, PM a moderator for really problematic people. SPUF may not be the nicest place in the world, but we can help make sure it’s not as bad as some other places on the internet.

If there’s anything else that I’ve forgotten that you think would be nice to add, leave a comment!


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