Why moving turning to the booties would be a terrible idea

Who needs boots when you can turn on a dime anyway? Picture by iKonakona.
Who needs booties when you can turn on a dime anyway? Picture by iKonakona.

By Reima

As a confirmed enthusiast of the knight, I want to put my official opinion piece on the pseudo-controversy that is the turncharge and the potential use of booties all together. Although turning has been recently recently green lighted, it currently remains under a conditional equip. I believe it’s a fair compromise, albeit a temporary fix. Still a step in the right direction.

The public gets the equivalent of Vjoy being injected into the coding, and Knights are universally nerfed as they make that trade for maximum control. Turning knights are stripped of their heavy resistances and super shield bashes for technique. That’s something I can get behind. Not everyone believe that, and say that privilege should be restricted to just melee, and I think that’s a horrible idea.

1) The Knight subclassing has potential to fill a common role which can be compared to the soldier. To move his turning capabilities to the booties would deadlock his potential to simple picks and nothing more. Synergies such as the Cannonknight combo would never flourish. The Claid would return to being the least used sword and I find it very likely seeing a return of Persian Persuader crusades.

2) To restrict turning to melee ONLY would be like only having Market Gardening soldiers having the full range of control to turn while rocket jumping. If you didn’t have a pair of gunboats or mantreads equipped, your rocket jumps would only go forward. Also you wouldn’t be allowed a Rocket launcher if you did get to turn in mid-air.

3) Single weapon loadouts are awful; (sorry trolldiers.) The Knight currently has the option to fend for themselves if they miss a swing, or find themselves still useful in a situation where charging in is suicide. The public at large is still new to handling knights as an entirety and to be honest they don’t know how to deal with them, which is why there’s so much call for sweeping the potential threat under the rug. Here’s some ways I could possibly think to shut down a knight.

-The Natascha (It’s still good)
-Airblast Juggling
-Anything Fire (May vary on Targe Knights)
-Especially Mini sentries. (F shooting those things with a Loch)
-Standing on top of your sentry
-Standing on top of anything
-Jukebox Scouts
-Observant Spies
-Suddenly jumping off the ground like it was lava
-Going through a doorway (Harder than you think to charge through one)
-Being juggled with explosives (Which puts a meta spin on fighting other grenade knights)

4) The Turning Tide seems like too good of a deal because it DOES outperform the other shields. A good handful of people think turning should just be enabled on all shields. Then you have your specializations. You’ve got your Resistance Shield, Contact Shield and a Technique Shield.

Whatever you put on the booties, it should be really good. Air-dashing capabilities to leap in the air without explosives? Fine. So be it. Double Jumping? Sounds great. Just don’t let them be the shackles we keep our beloved ballerina in.

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