What’s your spray?

Medic: I always forget I have a spray. The only time I see it is when I accidentally press T instead of R when trying to reload my weapon. Unfortunately, the klutz that I am, I do this rather regularly. Actually, that’s not true, I use auto-reload on most classes and I don’t play Spy enough to warrant adding that auto-reload script to his cfg file. Most of my sprays are old ones and none of them are very good, apart from the Sniper dot spray I once downloaded.

My current spray is equally lame and depressing. It’s left over from when I went through a brief name change. Yeah, it’s Kog’Maw, the adorable puppy monster from the Void, and the tank-destroying champion from League of Legends. He’s kinda cute though, right?

Medic's crappy spray.
Medic’s crappy spray.


iGamr: I actually only made this late last year, after realizing that a personal logo would be much more interesting to plaster onto the wall than yet another “The Cake is a Spy” picture. Basing it off of my profile picture (made by rHetorical’s own Yohoat), I nabbed some grid and bevel plugins for Paint.NET and learned a bit about manually converting pictures into sprays. My real sprays have transparent backgrounds, but the text doesn’t show too well with the Daily SPUF’s dark color scheme, so I stuck in some white backgrounds in for better visibility.

iGamr Non-Transparent


I also made variants for October and December to go along with my Halloween and Christmas themed aliases/pictures.

iSpectr Non-TransparentiReindr Non-Transparent


John Caveson: A laughing, spinning Spy head.



aabicus: This awesome spray made by 1Fort2Fort! Thanks so much man!



Medic: Aabicus’s spray is by far the coolest one here.

One thought on “What’s your spray?

  • July 27, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    If only my sprays worked, I’d rotate between:
    – The Mercs ragdolling or posing in silly ways
    – The Cake is a Spy (I like to play Spy a lot, so it works)
    – My avatar
    – Crouching Scoped Sniper and other misguiding sprays


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